Coming to DVD this week from director Lowell Dean and EntertainmentOne is a chiller from the world of zombies with 13 EERIE.

This film tells the story of six undergrads forensic grads that want to be part of the FBI. Starting with Megan (Katharine Isabelle), Daniel (Brendan Fehr), Josh (Brendan Fletcher), Patrick (Jesse Moss), Kate (Kristie Patterson) and Rob (Michael Eisner) these six are taken to a remote island to train.

Led by Captain Veneziano (Lyndon Bray), the remote island was once used for biological testing on criminals. The six see the conditions they are living in and aren’t very happy. The place is in shambles and kind of creepy.

It doesn’t take long before things to go wrong. The six are put in pairs and sent out to investigate a crime scene, a scene that has real cadavers waiting for them. What they don’t count on is one of the cadavers coming back to life and bringing some walking dead friends with him!

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