Opening in theatres from director Daniel Stamm and Radius TWC comes a tale of greed and moral dilemma with 13 SINS.

This film tells the story of Elliot (Mark Webber), a man drowning in life. Engaged to girlfriend Shelby (Rutina Wesley), taking care of an ailing father, a brother with special needs and a job that doesn’t appreciate him – its all hectic.

When he loses his job, Elliot doesn’t know how he’s going to make ends meet. That is until a mysterious telephone call starts him on a path of destruction. The unknown caller promises that if Elliot can finish 13 challenges, he will be rewarded with six million dollars.

The first challenge was easy, as the money amount grows so does the bizarre requests. All of this doesn’t go unnoticed by the police as Chilcoat (Ron Perlman) begins to ask questions.

Each phone call brings new horrors.and each phone calls makes it harder to stop as Elliot becomes wrapped up tighter and tighter still not knowing who the mysterious call is or what he will say next!

Especially when all starts coming closer to home!

FINAL WORD: Webber as Elliot is a man on a mission, even if that mission is loaded with disgusting stuff. I mean come on, eating of the fly should have been the first clue that things were only going to get worse from there. Money is definitely the root of all evil in this case. Of course the case could be made that he was trying to do for his family but come one!

Vince as Vogler holds the key and has no problem sharing what he knows to get the game to end! Wesley as Shelby has a minor role but holds her own as all good vampires do.

Perlman goes from bad boy Clay from Sons of Anarchy to cop Chilcoat putting the pieces of this game together. I’m a Perlman fan from way back so anything he does gets my attention.

Other cast include: Tom Bower as Mr. Brindle, Deneen Tyler as Joyce, and Donny Boaz as Witter, and Clyde Jones as Gerry.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give 13 SINS three tubs of popcorn out of five. Yes, this did remind me a tad of the film THE BOX but way more scary and a tad gruesome as well. It’s a look at greed and what the cost of that greed is. Each step is amazingly well done as the stakes get higher and higher.

The circus music is now and forever stuck in my head so thanks for that! The ending is explosive in more ways than one and the cast pulls this off nicely. It’s a combination of a thriller and horror film but in a very different sense of the word. Take a few lessons from the film because the next time the phone rings and you don’t know the number……

In the end – sometimes not answering the phone is your best bet!



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