Opening in theatres today is the comedy 21 JUMP STREET starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as two police officers transferred to an undercover unit to weed out drugs in the local high school.


Taken from the idea of the original 21 JUMP STREET television series in 1987 starring the uber-famous Johnny Depp, these two actors have taken the film to an all time high.


It was fantastic to have the opportunity to talk to these two characters, and I mean that in such a way, as they are incredibly funny. Talking about the film and the hoping it does well enough for a sequel, Tatum and Hill seem to enjoy having secret conversations of their own. With that – let the interview begin!


Hello Channing and Jonah!


Channing: Hey there!


Jonah: Hi!


I noticed your wearing your policemen’s shirts from the film?


Jonah: They look good on us don’t they?


Channing: Yea, they are comfy – and sexy.


Jonah: Plus we’re morons.


Channing: Yea, that’s it too.


What was your favorite part of filming the movie?


Jonah: My favorite part was all the scenes where Channing and I got to go into high school and pretend we were in high school.


Channing: Anything where I got to slide over cars and jumping. I also think it was funny when I was jumping over Jonah’s head.


What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you guys in high school?


<crickets are deafening in the silence here>


Jonah: I think it was when a friend of mine spread a rumor that I had gone in my pants. It was awful because he had to go around school and tell everyone it was a lie. I would never do that.


Are you involved in the crazy promotion and planning in all the activities you two seem to be doing for the film since you are both executive producers?


Channing: We’ve had fun doing this thing but we just keep coming up with different crazy ideas. Anything that will help the film we will do.


Where there any pranks on the set of the film?


Channing: There were a few. I think I jumped on Jonah while he was getting a body massage. It was a little weird.


Jonah: It wasn’t weird, not at all.


Okay you two I feel like I have to wrangle you in like little kids <laughing>. Is it going to be hard to top this film?


Jonah: I think so. I think this is the funniest movie I’ve made since “Superbad”. I think it’s just as funny. It took five years between those two movies to make this one. I think I’ve done a good job.


How fun was the party scene for you guys?


Channing: You have to shoot at night so you wake up about 1 in the afternoon, which doesn’t sound that, bad until you have to stay up till dawn. It was like four days of doing that. It was long and hard because there were a lot of people in the scene and a lot of cameras moving around.


Jonah: I had fun.


How many scenes did it take to get the finger scene down?


Jonah: We were pretty adamant about it not going on for too long!


Channing: As much as I love the hand of this guy I just didn’t need too much of that!


If you watched the original “21 JUMP STREET” who was your favorite character?


Jonah: I vote for the Captain!


Channing: I liked Richard Greico. Johnny was one of the coolest though.


Did you both really like working together? I mean you seem to get along really well.


Channing: Oh yea, this guy is great.


Jonah: Absolutely.


(Part of the problem with these short answers is that these two gentlemen were spending time cracking each other up. It was like being in the room with two hyper-active children who desperately needed a time out but the interview would have been no fun if they had not been this hilarious.)


Is a sequel already in the works?


Channing: We would die for a sequel. We would literally drop everything and start tomorrow but the movie has to be good. So go see it two times or three times – take a friend. Go on Sunday to rest yourself.


Jonah: Go and rest your troubles.


Channing: If people go see it and it’s a successful film then maybe they’ll let us. We have a thousand ideas but that won’t do any good if people don’t go see the film so go see it!


Okay, then let me ask you this Channing – do you like “The Vow” or “21 Jump Street” better?


Channing: Since Rachel McAdams isn’t here I’ll say “21 Jump Street” <laughing>. Nahhh, I like them both for different reasons.


Jonah: I want Rachel McAdams tattooed on my chest.


What do you guys like to do when you have down time?


Channing: What’d down time? Okay, I like to take long walks, sculpt and drink tequila.


Jonah: I like to swim and hang out at the beach.


If there was a movie that either one of you could have been in which one would it have been?


Jonah: “Goodfellas”


Channing: “Braveheart”


Jonah:  “Goodfellas”


Channing: “Braveheart”


Jonah: Okay, “Groundhog Day”


Channing: But that’s a comedy.


Jonah: Yea it is.


Channing: “What About Bob”


Jonah: Oh yea, “What About Bob”


(Right about now Jonah is checking his cell phone for the newest film review)


Jonah: Oh my gawd, The Wall Street Journal just said, “This cheerful chaotic vulgar action comedy has box office success written all over it. It is irresistibly funny”.


Channing: Man!


Jonah: Now NPR! Its f—kin favorable!


Channing: F—kin favorable!


Will you guys work together in the future?


Channing and Jonah at the same time: F—k yea!


Channing: I’ll work with this guy anytime.


What was the best part about working together?


Jonah: Slapping him!


Channing: Just going into work everyday man. It’s so funny because sometimes we go to work and the people you work with are so burned out, not here.


Jonah: Like people who want a role so bad and then they get it and then they can’t wait for a day off.


Channing: I hate that.


So Jonah, do you miss your sidekick Michael Cera?


Jonah: No one’s my sidekick!


Channing: Boom! That’s because we are besties!


Jonah: I loved Mike; I miss Mike (Cera). He’s doing a play right now. I think Channing and I will work together again. It’s inevitable.


Where you guys nervous to live up to the expectations of the original 21 JUMP STREET?


Channing: I was a big fan of the show so I think we pay a lot of homage to the show and to what they did. What we did is a little different from the television show.


Jonah: That’s right. We wanted to make it a hilarious action comedy so that’s what we did.


With the potential success of 21 JUMP STREET it is highly possible that we will see these two again on screen. If not as the loveable police duo then hopefully something else equally worthy of their comedic talent.


If you’re looking for something to laugh about this weekend then hit the theatre and see 21 JUMP STREET!











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