Opening in theatres this Friday from director/writer Jordan Roberts and Variance Films comes a head shaking comedy that calls for a “3,2,1…Frankie Goes Boom.”

This film tells the story of Frankie Bartlette (Charlie Hunnam), a young man living out in the middle of the Mojave Dessert to get away from his family. Having spent most of his life being severely embarrassed by his brother Bruce in the form of videos (Chris O’Dowd) living away from home is the only way Frankie can find peace.

But that isn’t to last when Mom Karen (Nora Dunn) blasts Frankie’s phone telling him to come home for Bruce’s rehab graduation. Guilted into going Frankie shows up having a little faith that maybe things have changed for his brother.

Bruce quickly introduces him to his friends Jack (Chris Noth) an actor who believes Bruce has potential to be a film director. Once Frankie realizes that Jack’s belief is based on a viral video Bruce made of Frankie’s wedding – he loses it. In a hurry to get away from his crazy family causes Frankie to become involved in a little car on bike action with Lassie (Lizzy Caplan).

What starts out as a bad accident turns into Bruce’s next video project. The next morning Frankie finds out Bruce had recorded another embarrassing bedroom incident and it’s gone viral once again. This time Bruce steps in his own mess when they brothers discover that Lassie is Jack’s daughter.

Now the race is on to do what it takes to get the video off the internet. Frankie even turns to Phyllis (Ron Perlman), promising to do whatever it takes to make the video go away.

FINAL WORD: Hunnam as Frankie is so charming and sweet, quite a turn from his hard-as-nails character of Jax from FX’s SONS OF ANARCHY (of which I’m a huge fan). What a wonderful break for Hunnam to do something totally wild and out in left field. The humiliations from brother Bruce are so huge and Hunnam’s character learns how to not only accept his brother but some of the other crazies around him.

O’Dowd as Bruce is just totally out of control. There isn’t one moment where this character isn’t wigging out or coming up with new and extreme nutty stuff at his brother’s expense. In the one scene where he tries to convince his brother Frankie that he is a director – it was like watching a five year old throw a fit but totally hilarious.

Caplan as Lassie definitely has problems of her own which is why it is so easy for her to relate to Frankie once she thinks about it. Having a father like Jack can’t be easy but Lassie has a few eggs shy of a dozen herself. Caplan had to have enjoyed the introduction scene with Hunnam because I sure was laughing myself silly over it.

Noth as Jack, what can I say except this isn’t Mr. Big in any way, shape or form. Instead this is Noth letting lose any deep-rooted need to act on a treadmill in an unusual jogging suit. He is loud, boisterous; fraught with the need to prove he can still be a sexy leading man in Hollywood. I like this Noth and hope to see him again sometime!

Perlman as Phyllis, yes I said Phyllis. I have been officially traumatized by his role as a trans-confused character that happens to be good with computers. I can’t tell you much without giving away the hilarity of Perlman’s character so trust me when I say after you see what I’ve seen you too will be telling everyone!

Other cast includes: Sam Anderson as Chris, Whitney Cummings as Claudia, Leonard Kelly-Young as Arthur, Kate Luyben as Donna, David Marciano as David, Adam Pally as Brian and Sarah Rush as Natalie.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “3,2,1…Frankie Goes Boom” four tubs of popcorn out of five. I’ve been laughing a lot the last couple of weeks but this film had me laughing, jaw dropping, slapping my hands over my eyes and then laughing all over again. There are so many things about this film to talk about that I can’t without spoiling it!

This is going to be one of those films everyone who sees it should tell everyone else to go see – that is if you can actually talk about it without laughing. It is original, creative, funny, twisted and edgy – all the things I love about a good comedy and THIS is a good comedy.

In the end – after rehab things should be different, they’re not!



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