Coming to Blu-ray from director McG and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is a thrill a minute when there is only 3 DAYS TO KILL.

This film tells the story of Ethan Renner (Kevin Costner), an international spy who discovers that he is ill. It is time to change his life, especially when dealing with a wife and daughter he hasn’t been with for years.

Daughter Zooey (Hailee Steinfeld) is in her teenage years and Ethan doesn’t want to miss another day. The problem is Zooey has issues with her Dad and isn’t going to make getting to know her easy for him. Christine (Connie Nielsen) tries to make it easier for Ethan to reconnect with his daughter but she has her own issues with him.

Just when he thought his life would be easier, Vivi Delay (Amber Heard) comes into his life. Making a deal that she can make him feel better Ethan agrees to help her do one last job. There are two individuals he let get away once before; The Albino (Tomas Lemarquis) and The Wolf (Richard Sammel).

Now he must finish what he started without letting his family know!

FINAL WORD: Costner as Ethan is an interesting character here. He is a total badass when he needs to be but can switch to the ‘average Joe-Dad’ so easily. He certainly has no problem smacking around a bad guy and scaring a young man who kind of likes his daughter. I enjoyed his portrayal of this character.

Steinfeld as Zooey could so easily have been bratty which is what I hoped wouldn’t happen. Happy days – she wasn’t! Instead she is a young girl who wants to get to know her father but has issues (what teen doesn’t have issues) and most of those issues just need a good hug which Costner provides – when she lets him.

Nielsen as Christine has sort of a small role here. She is definitely still in love with hubby and that’s the jist of her role. Lemarquis as The Albino is creepy in all the right ways and yet deserved every smack he got, Sammel as The Wolf is sly and fast but not fast enough.

Heard as Vivi is hilarious while at the same time being a bad ass herself. Knowing what the mission is and knowing who can help her get the job done she doesn’t pull any punches. Heard’s character likes shooting first and asking questions later!

Other cast include: Marc Andreoni as Mitat Yilmaz, Bruno Ricci as Guido, Jonas Bloquet as Hugh, Eriq Ebouaney as Jules, Joakhim Sigue as Abbate, Alison Valence as Sumia, big John as Louis and Michael Meiren as Jacques.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give 3 DAYS TO KILL three tubs of popcorn out of five. The storyline is interesting but the needle stuff made me cringe. Once I got past that Costner is on the chase for the bad guys. There are a lot of twists and turns wrapped up in a story about a guy who just wants to get to know the family he lost.

Is it a little like TAKEN? Yes, but that doesn’t mean it is not a good Friday night film to order a pizza too! Costner is the quiet type of spy, Steinfeld is a young girl deciding how she fits in and Nielsen is a woman still in love. Heard is just a cherry on the cake with her calm craziness.

Luc Besson is one of the screenwriters which means you’re going to experience a lot of action. He has also been responsible for such films as TAKEN, THE TRANSPORTER and a personal favorite of mine THE FIFTH ELEMENT. Director McG has done some awesome television shows including THE O.C., SUPERNATURAL and NIKITA to name a few.

The Blu-ray includes a theatrical and extended version of the film, The Making of 3 Days to Kill, McG’s Method and Covert Operation. The standard definition DVD is included and the film is Digital HD that can be streamed and downloaded for TV, computers, tablets and Smartphones.

In the end – he needs to finish one last assignment!



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