Coming to DVD this week from director Po-Chih Lenong and Well Go USA Entertainment comes a delivery of another type with BABY BLUES.

Looking for a fresh start, young couple Hao (Raymond Lam) and Tian (Sing Kwan Janelle) find a fantastic home. Across the street is an old man who tells them they should leave but doesn’t say why.

Learning that they are expecting twins, it is a happy time for them both. Setting up their home, Tian finds a doll left by the previous owner and decides to keep it. When the twins, Adam and Jimmy, are delivered sadness hits the couple as only one of the children survives.

That’s when disturbing things begin to happen as Hao tries to help Tian get over their loss. She takes to calling the doll Jimmy and treating it like their lost son. Her obsession with the doll begins to tear the couple apart.

The doll is becoming more and more real!

FINAL WORD: Lam as Hao is a loving husband who is excited about the coming of their twin sons. The oddly beautiful thing is that Lam’s character is a musician who writes music about death. An interesting twist when there is a crazy doll in his midst! Well done performance.

Janelle as Tian is one step away from being brilliantly crazy! Chalk it up obviously to post partum depression, or even regular depression, but her obsession with the doll just creeped me out. Of course I found nothing even remotely attractive or cuddly about that doll so perhaps it was just me trying to understand what this character’s love for it was. Well done.

Other cast include: Hoi-Pang Lo as the Old Man, Karena Ng as Trinket and Kate Tsui as Suzanne.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give BABY BLUES three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. It is well done without being totally gory which I enjoy. There are several creepy scenes but not because of anything openly done but rather just the hint of scariness!

The film’s director Leong is also known for the 1998 THE WISDOM OF CROCODILES and the 2004 film OUT OF REACH. But, it has to be said, that my favorite of his works is the 1984 film HONG KONG 1941 (Dang doi lai ming) which is so richly done and performed by Chow Yun Fat.

BABY BLUES is a wicked delight for those who want a story, lots of weird twists and an ending that you will be cheering for!

In the end – terror mounts!



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