Coming from Arclight films and director Pauline Chin and Gravitas Ventures comes a beautiful tale of love and journey’s with 33 POSTCARDS.

This film tells the story of Mei Mei (Zhu Lin), a young Chinese girl who is orphaned. When she receives a sponsor Dean Randall (Guy Pearce), all Mei Mei dreams of is going to Australia to see him.

Now 16-years-old, Mei Mei has a chance to go to Sydney to perform in the Australian Choir Festival. Her dream of meeting Dean is closer to reality for her. On the journey she re-reads the words they exchanged to one another. The words speak of family, love and a beautiful life.

What she discovers is nothing like what she thought. Randall is in prison and is stunned to see Mei Mei. She is equally confused because it seems nothing he told her on the 33 postcards seems to be true. Not giving up on finding answers, Mei Mei returns each day to the prison to visit Randall.

Mei Mei also befriends Carl (Lincoln Lewis), a wild young man who has taken a liking to her. He is also taking her away from the orphanage group she arrived with. Getting her involved in the same problems that put Randall in jail, Carl has put her life in danger.

Now Randall must do whatever it takes to save the young girl who believes in him!

FINAL WORD: Pearce is amazing in his role of Randall. A man beat down and living in fear he looks and exudes the part. Not caring about anything shows in every part of his being – until Mei Mei showed up. His reason for living is refocused and caring for her he will do what he must.

Lin as Mei Mei is a strong willed young woman. Waiting her whole life to meet the family of her dreams, she may be shocked by what she finds but not enough to give up her dream. Lin portrays this young girl with strength, determination and a heart filled with love and sometimes a sense of innocence that is dangerous.

Lewis as Carl may have started out with ulterior motives but begins to change his thinking. Helping Mei Mei get started almost becomes a way of protecting her – that is until he has no say in the matter. Lewis plays his role with endearment as well as misguidedness.

Karvan as Barbara is a kind hearted woman who also sees something in Randall. Learning that he has been sponsoring Mei Mei since she was very small gives her hope that he can be released on parole and start his life again.

Other cast includes: Elaine Jin as Miss Chen, Terry Serio as Fletch, Matt Nable as Tommy, Kain O’Keeffe as Dave, Claire Scott as Ruby, Clayton Watson as Brian, and John Atkinson as Chalmers.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give 33 POSTCARDS three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. The story is wonderfully told with so many emotional themes of love, betrayal, family dynamics and the will to be better than the world sees. Each performance is handled superbly with such depth.

The scenes are grim and at the same time ooze of the frustration Randall is feeling trying to do the right thing. Watching both these amazing characters come to terms with their lives and worth in this life is beautiful to watch. I don’t like to give much away obviously but have a kleenex handy!

In the end – two journey’s leading to one destination!

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