Opening in theatres from director Fernando Meirelles, writer Peter Morgan and Magnolia Pictures comes a look from “360.”

This film begins with the story of Mirka (Lucia Siposova), a young woman who starts working for an escort agency. Taking her sister Anna (Gabriela Marcinkova) along, she knows this isn’t what she wants for her sister.

Cut to Michael Daly (Jude Law), a man who comes close to hooking up with Mirka because he knows that life at home isn’t working with wife Rose (Rachel Weisz). Finally there is Valentina (Dinara Drukarova) who doesn’t see a future with husband Sergei (Vladmir Vdovichenkov) and finds herself attracted to her boss.

In between each of these relationships are others and the fact is that we all touch each other and it all comes 360.

FINAL WORD: It is very difficult to describe this film. There are so many characters, and it is definitely a character driven film, but there might be too many. That being said it is almost hypnotic in the way the film takes its time bringing all the pieces together.

Siposova and Marcinkova as sisters couldn’t be more different. As Mirka has already become jaded about the way the world works, Anna still is a “dreamer” believing that something good it just sitting on the fringes of her life.

Law and Weisz as the married couple seemed more disjointed than fractured as a couple, but it takes others to make them see that. There story is brief and to the point. I have to say that I did so wish there had been more depth in the storyline with Ben Foster’s character Tyler. I was never quite sure what had happened there.

Sir Anthony Hopkins makes an appearance as a man with his own demons and it takes a lovely young lady from Brazil and a little note to wake him up once again.

Other cast include: Johannes Krisch as Rocco, Danica Jurcova as Alina, Juliano Cazarre as Rui, Maria Flor as Laura, Sydney Wade as Ellie and Marianne Jean-Baptiste with Ben Foster as Tyler, and Sir Anthony Hopkins as the Older Man.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “360” three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is definitely along the same vein as CRASH, BABEL and SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION proving that it only takes those six degrees to make an impact on someone’s life – whether that be good or bad is up to us.

The film is inspired by Arthur Schnitzler’s LA RONDE and was filmed in Paris, London, Bratslava, Rio, Denver and Phoenix.

In the end – life has no boundaries.



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