Coming to theatres this Friday from directors Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein with The Weinstein Company comes a tale with answers deep in the woods about 6 SOULS.

This film tells the story of Dr. Cara Harding (Julianna Moore), a doctor who recently has lost her husband. Because of this her faith in God is been replaced by her belief in science. Her job and raising daughter Sammy (Brooklynn Proulx) fills her day.

Her father Dr. Harding (Jeffrey DeMunn) sees what she is going through and introduces Cara to patient David (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), a man who she discovers quickly suffers from multiple personalities.

David is a sweet boy who is restricted to a walker, then there is Adam is smart talking no non-sense personality and finally Wesley, a very angry man. Cara doesn’t know where any of these personalities come from.

As she begins to study the case, Cara retraces the steps of each personality she has met and is lead on a journey deep into the woods. There she finds Granny Holler (Joyce Feurring) a woman who tells her the personalities are far more evil than she can possibly imagine.

What Cara encounters is suspicion and mysticism and when it comes fiercely for her own family she has no choice but to once again ask questions of her faith.

FINAL WORD: Moore is the perfect person to play Dr. Cara Harding. Her facial expressions are amazing when it comes to questioning and doing it in such a calm way. I’d probably end up telling her anything she wanted to know! The scenes between she and Meyers are thrilling to watch, especially when the viewer isn’t sure of what person will show up!

Meyers is also amazing in his role as Adam etc., there is an amazing change in his personality and not so much physically. There is such a change in his face, obviously voice as well but put these together and eventually the audience will feel like the doctor with that fraction of a section to recognize who they are seeing.

DeMunn has Cara’s father is such a solid actor. Even when things go wrong he is still a stable presence. If this name seems familiar to you than perhaps fans will know him best as Dale in AMC’s blockbuster series THE WALKING DEAD.

Other cast include: Frances Conroy as Mrs. Bernburg, Brian Wilson as Virgil, and Steven Rishard as Detective Danton.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give 6 SOULS three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is a suspenseful film that doesn’t go into any direction without bringing out more questions. The special effects are pretty wicked and just cause such a creepy feeling.

There are definitely some creepy affects here and Rhys plays them all to the hilt. The ending isn’t what might be expected which adds so much to the intensity. I will admit to an initial frustration trying to follow where the story was trying to take me and like a stubborn dog on a collar I fought it. All that did was, besides rub my neck, was get me to stop suddenly with an “oh wow!” moment.

Audiences who like their mysteries wrapped up in special effects and a little possession will love this bag of goodies!

In the end – the sheltering has begun.

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