On Bluray this week from writer/director Jay Martin, STARZ Digital and Anchor Bay Entertainment is the illusion of “7 Minutes.”

Sam (Luke Mitchell) once had the world by his football laces. Once a star on the field and in love with beautiful Kate (Leven Rambin), he now is the adult living with a bit of disillusion.

Working at the local factory and making the rounds dealing, Sam is feeling the pressure. Living with Kate who is pregnant and working double shifts as a waitress to keep them going, the stress is beginning to show in their relationship.

He turns to Mike (Jason Ritter), a brother who wants to help and their friend Owen (Zane Holtz) who is in for anything. Turning to their crazy drug connection, Sam decides to expand his product line from marijuana to something harder. Knowing they are in deep now it takes seconds before a momentary panic by Owen puts their lives in danger.

The only way out is to commit a robbery knowing beforehand how much the score is. Working out the details Sam guestimates it will take 7 minutes in and out and, more importantly, no one gets hurt.

That being said, the devil is in the details and in this case his name is Tuckey (Kevin Gage), a greedy gun toting man with no conscience. He has flipped the plans and Sam must now decide what a room full of innocent lives is worth.

Things quickly unravel and the 7 minutes turns into a lifetime.

Mitchell as Sam is such an intense character. Watching the choices this character makes based on his very young history, I want to smack him from the get-go (but that’s just the Mom in me talking). Wanting to shake the feelings of inadequacy for just about every part of his life, it takes a matter of seconds before the control he wants becomes his biggest downfall. This is a very well done performance by Mitchell!

Holtz as Owen is the wild card of the bunch. He is a reactionary which is how the mess gets created in the first place. Holtz is just jumpy enough to make me jumpy watching him be jumpy – exhausting but in a good way. Rambin as Kate is suffering from the same disillusionment as Sam wanting more for them and for the baby she is carrying. She stays quietly supportive until she is forced not to be.

Ritter as Mike gives a solid performance as well. He seems to have no qualms about what they are planning and is more frustrated by Owen’s part in it all. He doesn’t necessarily think the entire plan will take 7 minutes but is up to try and make it happen. Ritter is gritty and tough in this role but, and this will sound a tad weird, mellow taking each thing in stride. Between the three of them, Mike is the center.

Gage as Tuckey is just plain frightening. He walks into a room and can part it without saying a word that’s how scary he is. Not afraid to shoot or be shot is the sign of a seriously unafraid human being and Gage does it exceedingly well!

A shout out to Brandon Hardesty as Jerome. This character is absolutely relatable and endearing but that gets in the way of his job. Watching his side of the story play out it is clear that walking away from all of it means dealing with crazy!

Other cast include: Joel Murray as Uncle Pete, Russell Hodgkinson as Lawrence, Mariel Neto as Brandi, Chris Soldevilla as Doug, Dylan Arnold as Teddy, Jessica Martin as Kirsten, Rosalie Miller as Annie and Kris Kristofferson as Mr. B.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “7 Minutes” three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. There are plenty twists and turns in the film that I really enjoyed. The individual character stories are so well done. It can be a full on mess when trying to criss-cross like this but director Martin knew exactly what he was doing and, more importantly, how to get it done.

The casting is fantastic unraveling their characters in this rustic and rural setting that would depress anyone in those situations. Keeping the robbery confined to such a small space just added so much tension and suspense wondering just how far each of these men will go. This is an inside out and upside down crime thriller from start to finish.

The Bluray contains the special features of Linear Heist and Storyboards to Scene for viewers who like just a little more thrill with their film. Anchor Bay Entertainment brings amazing films and features to those who are looking to expand their home library. They bring feature films, children’s entertainment, fitness, television series, documentaries, anime and other formats to fans. To discover what is in their library please visit www.anchorbayentertainment.com.

In the end — don’t get caught!



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