Coming in March from Academy Award nominated director Mark Kitchell and First Run Features is an eye-opening look at A FIERCE GREEN FIRE.

This film tells the story of the battle for our own planet. A documentary narrated by Robert Redford along with Meryl Streep, Ashley Judd, Van Jones and Isabel Allende following the environmental movement.

The basis of the film, inspired by the book A FIERCE GREEN FIRE by Philip Shabecoff it follows the grassroots activism that would eventually go global. Taking the history over fifty years this documentary breaks it down into five segments with individuals who have made their mark.

Starting with David Brower and the Sierra Club, to Lois Gibbs and Love Canal, Paul Watson and Greenpeace, Chico Mendez and the rubber tappers to Bill McKibben and the effort for climate change the history is laid out.

The signs have always been there and the question is when will we pay heed?

FINAL WORD: There is so much archival footage offered in this documentary that I personally was amazed because it adds so much more emotion for the viewer. Many people have a tendency to feel lectured when it comes to the environment and this film is far from it. Instead it offers “a deep view of environmentalism as civilizational change brings out industrial society into sustainable balance with nature”.

Beginning with Robert Redford, an avid activist for the environment, starts with the history of the Sierra Club and their struggles for the Grand Canyon. What I enjoyed most is that this documentary speaks of the successes and failures as each step becomes a learning process in how to reach those living on this planet.

Each narrator Judd, Jones and Allende brings in their voice a steadiness that allows the viewer to focus and actually hear the history of struggle. As Redford does, so does Meryl Streep with her calming influence giving information that is crucial for understanding the problems and potential solutions.

Director Kitchell is also responsible for he film BERKELEY IN THE SIXTIES, which was nominated for an Academy Award. Executive Producer Marc Weiss is a long time activist is also the creator and former executive producer of P.O.V., a PBS series in its 26th season.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give A FIERCE GREEN FIRE three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is really a fantastic way to teach children about the environment by offering a look into the history of the movement, which many do not know. It is difficult sometimes to connect the dots and this documentary does so beautifully.

There is a harsh reality that knowing is half the battle, then perhaps understanding will lead the other half of the battle into actual change. Natural disasters are occurring in record numbers from Hurricane Katrina to the latest Hurricane Sandy. Our summers are getting hotter and, in some places, the winters are getting colder. Ice caps are melting and animals are in danger. There is so much it is becoming impossible to avoid.

The good ole’ boys club needs to be enlightened and the only way to do that is by informing the public of the harsh truths, the history, and where we are going if change is to take place. This documentary is an amazing start to educating us all.

In the end – it’s a battle for a living planet.

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