Coming to theatres this Friday from writer/producer/director Seth MacFarlane and Bluegrass Films in a life that has A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST.

This film tells the story of Albert (Seth MacFarlane), a sheep herder who is nursing a broken heart. Ex-girlfriend Louise (Amanda Seyfried) has decided she wants a more exciting man in her life, and that would be Foy (Neil Patrick Harris).

Best friend Edward (Giovanni Ribisi) tries hard to cheer up his friend and with the help of prostitute girlfriend Ruth (Sarah Silverman) they can only listen to their friend. While in the local saloon Albert meets Anna (Charlize Theron) and spills his guts about his heartbreak.

Anna wants to help Albert, and while at the local Fair eggs him on to challenge Foy to a gunfight – of course the fact that Albert doesn’t know how to gunfight makes no never mind! But the two become fast friends but with all fast friendships there are little secrets.

Okay, big secrets as Anna is married to the most vicious outlaw Clinch (Liam Neeson), a man that doesn’t take kindly – to anything or anyone! It’s not the gunfight with Foy that Albert needs to worry about anymore!

FINAL WORD: MacFarlane as Albert is charming and a crack up at the same time. What can anyone expect, I mean seriously, if you love FAMILY GUY with everything that goes on in that show then expect nothing less here. MacFarlane has impeccable delivery with his jokes, the right attitude to pull it all off beautifully. I personally adore the character of Stewie so he can’t do any wrong in my eyes – don’t bother trying to ward me off.

Theron as Anna just looks like a woman having way too much fun. Her character laughs a lot, enjoys riding and gun play – exactly how I pictures Theron in real life. There are so many scenes where she is laughing which made me laugh harder. There is a real chemistry between Theron and MacFarlane which plays out extremely well. It’s obvious she has no problem with warped humor.

Neeson as Clinch gets to just – well – be bad in the film. Shooting anyone he likes, robbing, and getting the girl (whether she wants to be gotten or not). Neeson gives a straight out bad guy with a great accent performance who get’s bonus points for me because of his love of big yellow flowers (no, I’m not going to explain that statement – it has to be seen to be appreciated).

Seyfried as Louise gets one slam after another with jokes about her big eyes. Actually I think they did a hilarious job with the jokes. Playing a woman who is always trying to look for greener pastures, she lands NPH and the bedroom mustache scene was grossly hilarious.

Speaking of NPH, he is very funny as Foy. With his crazy moustache and a tune that was stuck in my head for 10 minutes after the song scene, he gets a chance to crack sheep jokes and do things to a hat that I just can’t talk about – just can’t!

Ribisi as Edward is a man who looks secure but is way more secure than any man I’ve ever known. Having a girlfriend for a prostitute he wants to do the right thing by her and his buddy Albert. The bar room dance scene is just too much funny! Silverman as Ruth is a good working girl who only wants to marry Edward. Of course her line of work isn’t exactly what one would expect but there are laughs to be had whether you want to laugh or not!

Other cast includes: Christopher Hagen as George Stark, Wes Studi as Cochise, Matt Clark as the Old Prospector, Evan Jones as Lewis, Aaron McPherson as Ben, Brett Rickaby as Charlie and Alex Borstein as Millie.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST four tubs of popcorn out of five. This is exactly what you think it is – a film with potty humor, irreverent jokes, one-liners that are borderline offensive and every under handed gag in the book. The film is not for the young, the squeamish or easily grossed out – yes, it’s hilarious!

I wouldn’t exactly call it a modern day BLAZING SADDLES but it is in the vicinity. It has every disgusting thing you can think of, and probably a few more that you wouldn’t want to think of. It’s a great cast (and a few cameos) having a fun time and it sure got the audience laughing loud and a lot which only means I’m going to have to see it again in case I missed anything.

If you are a little burnt out on special effects, let down by monsters, don’t want to be bothered with sappy romances then kick it all to the curb and saddle up for two hours of comedy MacFarlane style!

In the end – bring protection!



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