Coming to theatres from director/writers Jeff Chamberlain and Scott Woldman along with Gravitas Ventures.

This film tells the story of five high school friends Brad (Reiley McClendon), Sharon (Alexa Vega), Laurie (Saige Thompson), Ethan (Charan Prabhakar) and Jimmy (Adam Hendershott). Its Halloween night and the gang is getting together outside an abandoned mine where they want to party without interruption.

After telling the history of the mines a sudden rainstorm forces them into the very place they are leery of. As they move further into the mines the find spiders, and pitfalls knowing there is someone else in the dark with them. One by one they fall as the others run to try to escape but the tunnels weave in and around.

What they discover about the mines is more than anyone would believe!

FINAL WORD: McClendon gets to play multiple layers here at the hottie, the leader of the gang, and the smart guy. Nothing wrong with that because being able to pull it off is the hard part and he manages it quite well.

Vega as Sharon just wants to fit in. Being leery of the whole thing (which she absolutely should be) she is the one trying to make everyone else listen. Of course they are teenagers and most teenagers have a selective hearing problem.

Prabhakar is hilarious as Ethan, even if his character wasn’t shaped that way he still made me laugh. Of course every group has to have a Laurie played by Thompson and you’d think she actually was in high school. Hendershott as Jimmy is a big anchor to the cast of characters.

There isn’t too much gore here – mainly suspense in freaking out what’s around every corner. Actually I like that best in a horror movie! I don’t need blood and guts to give me a good scare.

Other cast include: Valerie C. Walker as Kelly, Joseph Batzel as Jarvis and Cody Walker as Thomas.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give ABANDONED MINE three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is not a big budget production but instead a film that relies on its story telling and simple effects (such as the helmet lights) to add a creepy effect. Halloween spooky is always welcome in my house and this film gives the viewer the right amount of “oh my gawd” and “wtf?”!

Considering what Hollywood is putting out these days in the genre of ‘horror’, I much prefer what ABANDONED MINE puts out. There are twists and turns that I yelled at the screen for and no I won’t tell you any more than that! Grab a huge bucket of popcorn and the nearest friend who jumps easily and hit the theatres for ABANDONED MINE.

In the end – they fight for survival!

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