This week on Blu-ray is the return of two gals who know how to stretch the party life to the limits with director Mandie Fletcher and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment offering of “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie.”

Eddy (Jennifer Saunders) and Patsy (Joanna Lumley) are back and living life to the fullest. Only now their designer wallets are getting a little thinner these days. Living in the house is grown up daughter Saffy (Julia Sawalha), daughter Lola (Indeyarna Holness) and Eddy’s mother.

With a book deal falling through and Patsy out of champagne, Eddy knows she needs to fill up her client list. During a luncheon she hears that Kate Moss is looking for new representation and instantly the girls go into insanity mode. Making their way to a party it only takes an instant before Eddy is blames for the supermodel falling into the river.

Deciding if it’s an accident or murder, Eddy and Patsy aren’t waiting around to find out as they begin a jet set adventure to the French Riviera to find out who their friends are! Party’s aren’t the same as the good old days, Patsy takes the plunge in her own unusual way and Saffy becoming her own woman is nothing compared to Eddy refusing to go quietly.

One thing hasn’t changed — these two are absolutely fabulous!

Saunders as Eddy is still as chaotic as anyone I have ever watched on television but that’s what makes her so fantastic. This character lives in a bubble and is completely happy about it until people around her try to pop that bubble. The other thing I love about Eddy is that in her world everything makes sense and trying to explain it to anyone other than Patsy is hilarious. Saunders will always be the iconic Eddy and so help the person who tries to remake her!

Lumley as Patsy just goes along to get along — as long as there is a bottle of champagne involved. I love how Lumley just embraces this character because it shows every time she is on the screen. I mean this is the type of character to play when you want to do just that — play. Patsy doesn’t give a damn about what people think and clearly isn’t impressed by anyone who isn’t impressed by her! Brilliant!

Sawalha as Saffy returns as an adult although, to be quiet honest, Saffy was always the adult in the group. Now with a daughter of her own, the job becomes keeping her safe from Grandma Eddy and the influences she brings. I love the scene where Sawalha is singing the song “Seventeen” because it totally defines this character that I watched grow up. Holness as Lola is not at all like her mother but instead embraces life just like her Grandmother Eddy. She is quick witted and isn’t easy to sway which both Eddy and Patsy secretly admire about her.

Other cast include Mo Gaffney as Bo, Jane Horrocks as Bubble, Christopher Ryan as Marshall, Mark Gatiss as Joel, Nick Mohammed as Casper, Kathy Burke as Magda and cameos by Graham Norton, Gwendoline Christie, and Lulu.

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“Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie” picks up like the gals never left the television airwaves. Saunders and Lumley are brilliant in their roles and don’t waste any time helping us remember why the series “Absolutely Fabulous” was so good and by good I mean fan-freakin-tastic!

I love the costuming, which in essence hasn’t changed for these two characters (as well as their hairstyles staying the same) with their outrageousness and flair. Instead of trying to reshape Eddy and Patsy, writer Saunders embraces the girls with no excuses needed or required.

The Blu-ray/DVD and Digital HD pack includes Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, On Set with Dame Edna, Have a Look Sweetie Darling! Featurette, Locations Featurette, Legacy Featurette, Cameos Featurette, Drag Queens Featurette, Making of Featurette, Fashion Featurette, Characters Featurette and the Gallery.

So if you have missed Eddy and Patsy, miss them no longer as “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie” brings them back into our homes on Blu-ray.

In the end — it’s an absolute must-see darling!



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