Coming to DVD from director Pou-Soi Cheang, internationally renowned filmmaker/producer Jonnie To and SHOUT! Factory comes a film about perception of an “Accident”.

This film tells the story of Brian (Louis Koo), a professional hit man who has a talent for making the hits look like accidents. He looks at a hit from every angle and every possible scenario with his team.

That is until one mission goes very wrong and a member of his team is killed. Brian knows they are not the only team doing professional hits and is convinced the killing was intentional.

Insurance agent Fong (Richie Jen) jumps on to Brain’s radar and its time to find out what it happening. He become obsessed with watching every move Fong makes by putting the pieces together of how everything fell apart.

Sometimes reality and delusion can easily become blurry.

FINAL WORD: Koo as Brian is amazing to watch. Every move he makes is diabolical and intentional. There is very little emotion on his face, which adds to the mystery of why and what he will do next. Putting the clues together begin to blur for Brain and what he believes and what he sees cause the viewer to question as well.

The cast itself is a solid one but truthfully it is Koo that carries the film, as I’m sure was intended. Fung as Uncle is totally believable just as Ye as Woman is straight forward with no nonsense yet its not enough for her to be trusted.

Other cast include: Richie Ren as Chan Fong-Chow, Shui-Fan Fung as Uncle, Michelle Ye as Woman, Suet Lam as Fatty, Alexander Chan as Wong, Yuqin Han as Chan Fong-Chow, Pater Lau as Trad Boss, Cheung Wing Lai as Wong’s Father, and Jo Hung San as the Landlord.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Accident” three tubs of popcorn out of five. This truly is an interesting film in that I had to step back and think about certain scenes. Watching it a second time I caught the little details that are important to understanding where each character is going and why.

Johnnie To is responsible for such international films such as “Punished”, “Vengeance”, “Romancing in Thin Air” and the newest works “Motorway” and “Du Zhan”. This film was nominated for a Golden Lion Award at the Venice International Film Festival and Festival Favorite at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The film is visually stunning especially with the bluray and very violent (but what do you expect from hired killers?) but it gives you the suspense of “who done it”!

In the end – life is the shadow of death!

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