Coming to theaters from director Kevin Kaufman and Gravitas Ventures is a mystery that can only be solved when you “Ace the Case.”

Ten-year-old Olivia (Ripley Sobo) is having a difficult time in her young life. When her Dad is taken away from the family it is up to teenager brother Miles (Aaron Sauter) and Mom (Ivana Kane) to readjust their lives.

When Mom must take an out-of-town trip, she cautiously decides to leave Miles to take care of Olivia and their dog Charlie. Immediately the two are thrilled and promise to behave themselves.

During an intense video game, Charlie’s needs to be walked and when Miles ignores the request, Olivia decides she will do it. Out on the New York City streets along with her dog, Olivia is clearly nervous and with reason to be. In front of her, neighbor Mei Wong (Luna Tieu) is taken by two men in a van!

She runs home to tell Miles but he thinks she is making it all up. Bothered by it the next day Olivia calls the New York Police Department and gets Dottie, a detective with the force. Listening to what the little girl has to say, the detective tells her to call when she has more information.

Across the way from their home Olivia begins to understand that the clues she is looking for are right in her neighbor’s window. Olivia decides that saving the young woman is imperative and takes to the streets to follow the criminals.

This is no ordinary girl; she’s taking on her first case!

Sobo as Olivia is delightful as well as funny. Yes she is quite serious about finding this kidnapped woman and isn’t really happy with the people around her not taking the event seriously. Following the clues Sobo plays it cool and very smart even when confronted by one of the crooks!

Sauter as Miles is exactly what I’d expect a teenager brother to be. He is clearly into his friends, girls and video games so a little sister is a bother in many ways. However, like all big brothers, when the time comes to be their in a crisis, Miles jumps in feet first. Sauter reminds me of my boys when they were that age so the believability factor is definitely high.

Sarandon as Dottie is a rugged cop who ‘doesn’t believe anybody’ with her jaded opinion of things. That being said there is something about Olivia that she believes. Sarandon’s character brings out the best in Olivia and vice versa I think.

Other cast include: Lev Garn as The Surgeon, Marc Manchaca as Gunner, Ivana Kane as Julia, Luca Manganaro as Stefano, Arturo Castro as Juan, Johnny Tran as Shan, Gina Le Vine as Gina and James Kasey as Peter.

“Ace the Case” has so many twists and turns so don’t think I’ve told you everything because that wouldn’t be any fun would it? This is definitely a family film and an enjoyable one at that.

From a little girl who doesn’t miss a thing to a teenage brother in his own world to a cute dog, what more could a film ask for? Oh, let’s throw in bungling kidnappers who haven’t a clue what they are doing, a detective who knows how to get answers and a big mysterious bunny — it’s a recipe for absolute fun.

The cast works incredibly well together giving the story line a bit of crazy that will bring about giggles and laughs. This is the kind of film I want to see with my family because there are so many subtle life lessons included in Olivia’s adventure.

With the new school year just around the corner, why not take one last opportunity to share a good time with family at the theatre and see “Ace the Case” opening this Friday.

In the end — she’s a little detective with a big case!



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