In theatres from director Ross Katz and Radius-TWC comes a look at the changes in life when trying to start as ADULT BEGINNERS.

The film tells the story of Jake (Nick Kroll), an entrepreneur who seems unaware until the last minute that his company sank faster than the Titanic. As his life falls apart right before him, Jake runs as far away from Manhattan as he can get, well, that is until he lands right back where it all began – at home.

Moving in with sister Justine (Rose Byrne) and husband Danny (Bobby Cannavale), Jake decides he will help by taking care of his young nephew Teddy (Paddock Twins) until he can get his bearings. Ten minutes into his duties it becomes clear he isn’t babysitter material which frustrates Justine.

But there is history between brother and sister that needs ironing out as they both harbor resentments about their childhoods, the death of their mother and what should be done with the family home.

Jake begins to take on a bigger role when he realizes Justine needs him, especially with a pregnancy and a flirtatious husband. Their sibling relationship constantly hangs by threads until it finally comes to a head.

Being siblings isn’t exactly easy!

Kroll as Jake is really a seriously self absorbed individuals who thinks the world has been out to get him from day one. This character reminds me (and probably will remind many people) of someone closely related to me. I shook my head and laughed just as much now as I did about this person then. In the babysitting scenes I just thought ‘this kid has a better chance of surviving on his own!’ and Kroll made that happen. His performance is comedic but also the turn-around is pretty cool.

Byrne as Justine has the right amount of sisterly psycho that is needed for this role. Pregnant or not any sister would have the right to go a bit crazy with a brother like Jake. Feeling as if she is the responsible person who must do everything right, it’s a load of bricks that Byrne does well. Her outbursts shouldn’t be as comical as they are but there is something about her tiny self going ape that is funny.

Cannavale as Danny is the hard working husband who just wants a nice home and family. The problem with that is his head is turned by a blonde with a clip board. That is sort of when I lost interest in this character to be honest. Yes, he was going through some mid-life-I-don’t-get-enough-attention-from-my-wife whining going on and Cannavale has the face his wife would have to forgive.

Krakowski as Miss Jenn is so creepy I can’t even begin to talk about it and I will never look at swimming classes the same again – ever. McHale as Hudson is that friend no one likes because he is equally as creepy. I say they should have gotten Miss Jenn and Hudson together for a huge creep-fest!

Other cast include: Joel McHale as Hudson, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Paula Garces as Blanca, Josh Charles as Phil, Bobby Moynihan as Paul, Mike Birbiglia as Braden, David Bernon as Chuck, and Jane Krakowski as Miss Jenn.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give ADULT BEGINNERS three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. I was pleasantly surprised with this storyline. To be honest I wondered if Byrne had done just one to many of these type roles (i.e. NEIGHBORS) but in fact she was fantastic! Putting Bryne and Kroll together as siblings worked perfectly.

This is a film about siblings who harbor quite a few grudges, have trust issues, and see the world from two totally different perspectives. Watching them sort out their issues was like watching my own adult kids when they get in a room together – exhausting!

There is plenty of laughs and even plenty of love with a cast that made the storyline totally believable. I think this film should be mandatory for all siblings – either as a training film for adulthood or at the very least a sampling of the changes siblings go through and how the relationship changes.

In the end – some people just can’t handle growing up!



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