I have been a fan of A&E for so many years now I can’t even count. They have always provided quality shows that are innovative, different and, in some cases, ground breaking! It has taken some professions that viewers might never have even thought about to a whole new level of understanding. Their programming is also informative about the history that keeps us captivated year after year.

That’s why A&E is proud to present its line up of DVD that you can now own and begin a collection that is exciting and – have your friends asking to borrow again and again!

AMERICAN PICKERS – This is a cross-country journey looking for the best in American iconography with Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz digging in some crazy places to find the treasures they know people are looking for. There home office is in LeClaire, Iowa with a star called Antique Archeology they go hunting with the help of Danielle who gives them leads. Each show begins with the guys telling viewers, “We’re looking for amazing things buried in people’s garages and barns. What most people see as junk, we see as dollar signs. We’ll buy “anything” we think we can make a buck on. Each item we pick has a history all its own and the people we meet? Well, they’re a breed all their own.” This is one of the History Channels highest rated television shows and with good reason. Watching Mike and Frank go digging in spider-webbed barns, dark basements, and back wood roads is a thrill for them and pretty cool for us to watch too! These two gents love a good deal and usually walk away with exactly what they want and it’s the art of the deal that gets viewers blood racing! AMERICAN PICKERS Vol. 3 is now available!

DECODED – Brad Meltzer’s DECODED is a truly interesting series as author and history buff Meltzer takes on some of the toughest mysteries. In this 13 episode DVD he and his crew US Army Reserve Major and trial attorney Scott Rolle, engineer and author Christine McKinley, and professor and journalist Buddy Levy take on some of the most talked about and investigated mysteries including: Ft. Knox, Da Vinci, the mysteries of the Vatican, the mystery behind the death of Houdini, our ceaseless interest with UFO’s, is 2012 really the end? and much, much more. Brad and his crew take their investigations seriously and when they conclude their study so will you. It is fascinating to watch how their minds work and see things that have been missed for sometimes hundreds of years. BRAD MELTZER’s DECODED now on DVD!

GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS – To be honest, when I first saw the commercials for this show I wasn’t sold. I thought “Really? Another reality television show?” but I was soon proved otherwise. Gene Simmons, or more notably known as the member of the legendary rock band KISS brings his family to A&E. With Season 6, volume 1 and 2 (The Wedding), viewers are taking inside the world of Gene and his love Shannon along with their kids Nick and Sophie. I never would have expected the show to be so revealing but it truly is. In this season viewers go through some serious highs and lows as the family dynamic is about to change. Nick and Sophie are leaving for their respective schools and the empty nest syndrome is working its magic on Shannon. After following Gene around the world and raising the family – she wants one more thing – for Gene to put a ring on it! But before that Gene must deal with personal demons that have shaped his life thus far. These two volumes are a must have for KISS fans yes, but also for fans of this non-traditional family! GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS Season 6, Vol 1 & 2 (The Wedding) are available now on DVD!

DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER – This is not a show about your average bounty hunter that’s for sure! Duane “Dog” Chapman’s a bounty hunter in Hawaii. Now one would think how can there be a need for a bounty hunter in Hawaii? Well Dog shows us in every episode that his day is never dull. There company Da Kine Bail Bonds, along with his wife Beth, his sons Duane, Leland and brother Tim they research, watch and find those who just can’t seem to follow the law. There are some dangers involved but Dog and his crew take it in stride. In the midst of it all are family issues that Dog deals with openly. There doesn’t seem to be a subject off limits for discussion with this group as viewers see it all first hand. There is such a wide dynamic here and yet they still stay focused on the job at hand – being Bounty Hunters! DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER is taking it to the streets on DVD now!

PAWN STARS – There is no way you can say those two words and not get some reaction! The GOLD AND SILVER PAWN SHOP in Las Vegas is where you will find this 24-hour pawnshop on the old Vegas strip. The shop includes the patriarch of the family Pop Harrison, his son Rick and Rick’s son Cory “Hoss” Harrison. Added to the mix is long time family friend Chumlee! In PAWN STARS: Vol. 4, these 16 episodes have never before released on DVD including the haggling over Abraham Lincoln’s campaign ribbon. This is the place where people bring their wares including guns, books, autographs and more as Rick has mostly each piece verified by experts of his own. Some of the items are worth allot – some are only wanting to be worth allot! In the mix is a family dynamic that is hilarious! I’ve been to Rick’s place and was thrilled to see some of the items stayed with the store so that people could not only enjoy visiting, but feel like they are experiencing something pretty cool. If you want an autograph from the guys you better get their reallllllllllly early as the line forms quickly because everyone wants a picture with these famous pawn stars! PAWN STARS VOLUME FOUR is available now on DVD!

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE 2012 MASTERS TOURNAMENT – For golf lovers this is a truly amazing look at the 2012 Masters Tournament with all its twists and turns in the game. I don’t think anyone could have foreseen such an amazing and diverse gathering of golfing talent! If I may say so I think golf widows would do to watch this DVD and catch up on what they have been missing AND be prepped for a conversation that will have their husbands jaws dropping! Get this now on DVD!



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