Coming to theatres from Freestyle Releasing and writer/director Thomas Farone comes life’s chaos and the AFTERMATH.

Thomas Fiorini (Anthony Michael Hall) is a real estate developer that is at the top of his game. Life is full with financial security, a stunning home and beautiful pregnant wife Rebecca (Elizabeth Rohm).

Constantly on the go, Tom looks to foreman Matt (Jamie Harold) to keep things on track. Problems arise when subcontractor Tony (Chris Penn) begins pushing for the top spot. Tired of it all, Tony pushes Matt’s buttons and a scuffle breaks out in front of boss Tom.

The next morning Matt disappears and all eyes are on Tony. When Tom fires Tony it sets in motion more trouble than anyone could have imagined. Feeling anxious, Tom looks to King (Tony Danza), a local rough guy, to slow Tony’s roll. Instead, what they all discover is that there is a whole new kind of crazy in their midst.

Now, there is no turning back!

FINAL WORD: Hall as Tom is perfect for this role. He has the rich mans pompousness that slowly turns into straight on paranoia. I suppose that’s to be expected when everyone around is losing their minds. I loved his part in the film and equally loved his performance. It is one filled with grit and mendacity all twisted up in a Hall package that is pretty cool to watch.

Rohm as Elizabeth is beautiful and the perfect army candy for Tom. I had half a mind to suspect her in the beginning but I think that’s from watching too many Lifetime movies. Danza as King is brilliant! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen him in a role like this. I truly enjoyed every moment and hope he plays a bad guy again very soon.

Harrold’s role is brief but perfect for him. Playing the down trodden working foreman stuck in his life was totally believable. Along with Lily Rabe as the equally sobering housewife Samantha, they make each other look sad.

The prize goes to Penn, what a fantastically calm maniac! His scenes are chilling to say the very least and what ever he said – I believed! Probably out of sheer fear that this character is deliciously evil and the poster child for one scary individual.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give AFTERMATH four tubs of popcorn out of five. This film is a dark tale of circumstance and what some people will do when pushed to the very edge of sanity. Each character brings something to the film that is jaw dropping and intense and that’s what keeps this film engrossing.

The cast is just fantastic and although I wasn’t sure how some of it would play out, I applaud it to the very end! Every moment I could never tell from one moment to the next which direction the story was going to go. Excellent!

There is brilliant writing here from Farone filled with almost every conceivable thing that a person can feel when the world comes crashing down. This is the kind of film that will have people asking the question, ‘what would you do?

In the end – be careful who you fire!



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