Opening in theatres tomorrow from director Nicolas Lopez and written by Nicolas Lopez, Guillermo Amoedo and Eli Roth comes a tale of terror in the AFTERSHOCK.

This film tells the story of Gringo (Eli Roth), Ariel (Ariel Levy), Pollo (Nicolas Martinez) – three men enjoying the nightlife in Chile. While partying hard they meet Kylie (Lorenza Izzo), Irina (Natasha Yarovenko) and Monica (Andrea Osvart) and start to hit their groove when it hits!

An 8.8 earthquake rattles the club and everything turns upside down. Trying to get out of the club the death toll starts right before there eyes. Once outside they begin to assess the problem when the tsunami siren goes off. Now they all know its time to find higher ground.

They group quickly discovers that the local prison has fallen and escaped convicts are brutalizing everyone they see – especially the women. Every corner they turn brings new dangers and constant aftershocks.

One by one each comes to their own fate trying to make it out of the brutality of everything around them – who will survive?

FINAL WORD: Of course I’m going to start with Roth! From the moment he is on screen there is an adorableness (I know he’s going to hate me saying this but its true Eli!) about him. Oh, don’t get me wrong – he gets to experience the brutality of the earthquake but I think his hitting on the women at the club was more brutal. There is enough blood to go around so don’t count Eli out on his share of it!

Levy and Martinez love their life in Chile – well, up until it started falling apart that is. Each held their own against the elements and the blood-lusting prisoners so I’m going to give them their props right here! Good going guys but here’s a tip – when you’re being chased by crazy prisoners turn off your cell phone!

Izzo, Yarovenko and Osvart are totally gorgeous gals from the get go. Well duh, of course they are gorgeous – I mean you don’t honestly expect these guys to go into knightly mode to protect them if they weren’t do ya? Just teasing ladies – you held your own and I can’t say any more without giving away a frakken awesome ending.

Other cast include: Matias Lopez as Marito, Ignacia Allamand as the Guide, Ramon Llao as Ramon, Patricio Strahovsky as the Priest, Marcial Tagle as the Firefighter, Gabriela Hernandez as the Cleaning Lady and Edgardo Bruna as the Grumpy Operator.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give AFTERSHOCK four tubs of popcorn and just let me tell you why. First of all, anyone that can take a true event and put it into a horror/comedy/adventure/disaster is definitely someone I can hang out with. I mean seriously folks, the only thing this film doesn’t have is zombies and I’m sure if there was a part two they would show up!

I spent a lot of time hollering at the screen, which was a total joy and reminded me of the heady days of disaster films and yelling, “no, look out!” Yea, I wanted to do that here to and yes I did do that if you must know! If I had on downer thing to say it would be this – the blood was a little too much to the pinkish side but after a while I stopped noticing because the chase was on!

People are taken out in some of the most gruesome ways but nothing you wouldn’t expect to see in a real earthquake. The mixture of genres is thrilling and fun. This is one of those films you can’t talk a lot about because personally I really want the audience to experience the fun of it all. Listen, trust me on this one, you have GOT to see it to the very end.

In the end – the only thing more terrifying than Mother Nature is human nature!

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