Coming to DVD, Video on Demand, Digital HD as well as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Vudu is the intense thriller from writer/director Zachary Shedd and Candy Factory Films with “Americana.”

Avery Wells (David Call) is a young man who experiences a horrific act when his sister Kate (Kelli Garner) is brutally murdered in front of him. Turning to the bottle and filled with anxiety, he is approached by the film’s producer Calib Andrews (Jack Davenport). Andrews wants the film finished and asks Avery to continue the film that his sister was starring in at the time of her death.

Trying to keep it together to do the work, Avery is plagued by phone calls from a stranger who threatens to reveal something terrible. Not sure what to make of it, he searches for answers but it all begins to look like a conspiracy.

He turns to Claire (Jennifer Stuckert) and brother-in-law Josh McAllister (Frank Mosley) to begin piecing together if this has something to do with Kate. Avery even turns to his lawyer Ben (Peter Coyote) but all of this brings more questions than answers!

The frustration leads him to even reach out to the killers Aunt Nora Taylor (Sayra Player) to discover what is motivating everything happening around him. When everything falls into place, Avery must decide how to handle it and what will happen next.

But secrets have a way of revealing all!

Call as Avery is a man possessed by every inch of his life. Dealing with his drinking, a song that doesn’t know his father, a murdered sister and a secret that holds the key to everything — it all can’t help but come crashing down. Call gives this character the grease that glides him along the edge of insanity. His performance is riveting!

Davenport as Calib managed to make me not trust him the moment he was on the screen. Viewing Avery’s reaction to him just gave me the jitters and without giving anything away, his performance keeps the tension high.

Mosley as Josh just wants Avery to get his act together and to not let Kate be used after her death. He wants the truth but it doesn’t rule his life like it does with Avery. Mosley gives a dark performance that it based on pure excellence — well done!

Stuckert as Claire tries to be patient with Avery but there is only so much a person can take and it is becoming clear that he has taken enough. Player as Nora gives a quick performance but its enough to add even more mystery to the story. It was great to see Coyote as Ben and I loved that I was never clear where this character stood with Avery.

A shout out to Lily Luong as Terri because even though her character has a brief appearance, when she says “we are both good people” it was from the heart and got an instant reaction out of me.

Other cast include Vincent Chan, James Zeiss, James Brickhouse, Sayra Player, Josh Schell, and John Elefantis.

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“Americana” definitely leads with twists and turns from the very beginning and doesn’t let up until minutes before the end. It is a story of the mistakes we make, protecting those we love, experiencing the worst of each other and the suspicions that can eat every moment of ones life.

This cast brings an ensemble performance that is riveting from start to finish. To remove even one cast member, the ensemble would crumble. That is what makes this film because every time I thought I had pieced it together, like the windy roads of San Francisco, I was taken on a ride.

“Americana” was nominated for New American Cinema at the 2016 Seattle International film Festival and won Best Feature Film at the 2016 Lower East Side Film Festival. Kudos and congratulations — a well deserved win.

In the end — there are always consequences.



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