Coming to Bluray/DVD, Digital and currently on VOD from director Kim Farrant and Lionsgate is the unbelievable mystery wrapped in the ANGEL OF MINE.

Lizzie (Noomi Rapace) has spent the last several years of her life drifting because of a terrible fire accident at the local hospital. She has been so deep in her emotions that husband Mike (Luke Evans) has moved out and son Thomas (Finn Little) is being effected. When Mike tells Lizzie that their son needs to come live in a less dark place, Lizzie is even more distraught.

Living on medications from her therapist and a job that just fills in the time, she happens to see the young Lola (Annika Whiteley) picking up Thomas from school. She is drawn to the child in such a way that she goes out of her way to meet Mom Claire (Yvonne Strahovski). Friending each other, their sons get along very well.

Lizzie spends moments with Lola and can’t understand why there is a strange draw to the girl. Claire and husband Bernard (Richard Roxburgh) notice but don’t make a big deal about it as they are trying to sell their home for a move. As the days go by, Claire becomes more and more aware of Lizzie and becomes disturbed.

The obsession takes over Lizzie’s life to the point that everyone notices and an intervention happens with Mike taking their son and the therapist suggests inpatient care. Lizzie isn’t about to let anyone change her feelings for Lola because she believes something that they could never comprehend.

That belief might drive her to an even darker place!

Rapace as Lizzie is a young mother suffering by trying to be something everyone wants her to be and that’s ‘normal’. Her day to day becomes a struggle to the point where son Thomas can’t find happiness either feeling pulled into her medicated world. Rapace does such an amazing job of portraying a mother who has had her life taken over by everyone and afraid of her own feelings.

Strahovski as Claire is a mother who is happy with her family and sees that something is becoming strange with Lizzie. She will do anything to protect her family as Lizzie pops up unexpectedly to often fixated on her daughter Lola. Strahovski is a strong character who isn’t about to let anyone hurt her family.

Evans as Mike is a man who can not seem to find a way to reach his estranged wife. He tries to tell her that it is tearing everyone apart but can’t seem to reach her. He wants what is best for his son and at the moment – it isn’t his mother. Roxburgh as Bernard tries to be kind to Lizzie and excuse some of her odd behavior but eventually he comes to understand his wife’s concerns.

Little as Thomas is the one who suffers with a father who is no longer in the home and a mother who is in the home but isn’t there for him. He doesn’t want to be apart from his mother but it is all becoming to much for him and that’s the sadness of it. Whiteley is a very charming young lady who has such a beautiful smile. She likes Lizzie and doesn’t seem to feel any danger at all.

Other cast include Pip Miller as Carl, Tracy Mann as Lena, Indi Serafin as Jeremy, Rob Collins as Brian, Emily Gruhl as Courtney, Natalia Rozpara as Majka and Mirko Grillini as Dr. Armand.

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ANGEL OF MINE  is an intense psychological thriller that doesn’t give itself away. There is a fine line between what Lizzie thinks she sees and what is true. Trying to be a wife doesn’t work, trying to be a good mother fails, trying to be a good daughter only brings judgement and just being a person is painful.

Rapace manages to handle all that in one character and do it extremely well. Then again I might be a tad partial because I have always enjoyed her performances since seeing her in the 2009 THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. She took one of my favorite characters from book to screen and I’ve followed her ever since.

She has such an intensity and that is absolutely required to play the role of Lizzie. She has the mannerisms, expressions and sense of urgency that this character needed to be believeable. Add to the Strahovski and these two women bring this story to a climax that made my jaw drop. Well done ladies!

In the end – there are two sides to every secret!



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