On Bluray is a television series created by John McNamara that has kept audiences asking questions and wondering what will happen next with “Aquarius: The Complete First Season.”

Returning to television, David Duchovny is LAPD Det. Sam Hodiak, a cop set in 1967 Los Angeles. Hodiak get the case of a missing girl Emma Karn (Emma Dumont) that leads him into the ever changing world of the 60’s.

In his investigation he meets Charles Manson (Gethin Anthony) and his family. He learns Emma was actually lured by a young woman who tells her Charles Manson wants to become ‘more famous than the Beatles’.

As the group is arrested, so is undercover cop Det. Brian Shafe as Hodiak uses him to get deeper inside the family and find Emma. That can be dangerous as Charlie has already proved that if he doesn’t get what he wants – he takes it by will alone.

Hodiak learns that the missing girls father Ken (Brian O’Byrne) is actually Charlie’s lawyer! Now the plot thickens as Charlie becomes more daring testing Emma’s loyalty and her father’s as well. But these aren’t the only crimes Hodiak is investigating as there are murders in South Central and in the Valley that are part of the hot button of race.

When confronted by Grace (Michaela McManus), Ken confesses that Emma has been dragged into Charlie’s madness because of information the cult leader has. That isn’t stopping Charlie from continuing on his spree of destruction and murder although his followers see him as Jesus Christ.

The finale uncovers secrets only to give into to more secrets!

Duchovny as Hodiak is such a straight on character. There is no non-sense with a dry humor and the haircut I remember my father having. Very old school by nature, he sees the world around him changing so drastically which is a challenge to solve the onslaught of kidnapping and murder. Don’t let the suave demeanor fool you, he is going to solve every case put in front of him.

Anthony as Manson continues to gives me the creeps every episode. He does such an amazing job of portraying a man who is seemingly unafraid of, well, anything. This character goes after what he wants no matter the consequences and in some cases he is the consequence! Each episode Anthony brings a quiet terror that gives Aquarius its edginess.

Other cast include: Grey Damon as Officer Brian Shafe, Emma Durmont as Emma Karn, and Claire Holt as Officer Charmain Tully.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Aquarius: The Complete First Season” four tubs of popcorn out of five. This is just the short version of my feelings for the first season of Aquarius and for good reason, this is a series you have to unravel for yourself and let me tell you – there is plenty to unravel! From one episode to the next, this series dives deep into the 60’s leaving no one or nothing untouched.

The Bluray brings exclusive unrated, extended episodes that have not been seen on television. The episodes include Everybody’s Been Burned, The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game, Never Say Never to Always, Home is Where You’re Happy, A Change is Gonna Come, A Whiter Shade of Pale, Cease to Resist, Sick City, Why?, It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding), Your Mother Should Know, (Please Let Me Love You and) It Won’t Be Wrong, and Old Ego Is a Too Much Thing.

If that isn’t enough for you how about the inclusion of the Webisodes The Summer of Love series that includes Meet Charlie as the Manson Girls talk about how they met Charles Manson, Sweet Sadie as Sadie recalls being drawn in by Charlie’s singing voice, Charlie vs. Martin as the girls recall how Charlie met Martin, and finally Heading to L.A. as Mary becomes familiar with how Charlie has the power.

To get deeper into “Aquarius” go to www.nbc.com/aquarius and for more of what Anchor Bay has to offer for your home library go to www.anchorbay.com.

In the end — it is an age that changed us all!



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