He’s back and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Season 5 of ARCHER on FX begins January 13th at 10 p.m. Having spent the last few days reviewing Season 4 of Archer, he was pretty much into everything – trouble wise that is.

The 2013 season began with Archer having amnesia and working at Bob’s Burger. When the KGB tries to take him out, ISIS intervenes and the memories come flooding back. From his encounter with Timothy Olyphant (and who wouldn’t like an encounter with Timothy Olyphant) to Ron Cadillac saving Archer from Canada, to a border patrol mission, time in space, honeymooning with Lana in North Korea, to Morocco, the Vatican, the Bermuda triangle to Lana’s pregnancy news what could possibly be in store for Season Five.

EVERYTHING is my hope! Of course who better to speak on behalf of Archer than the voice of Archer himself Mr. Jon H. Benjamin. Yes, I get kind of giddy when one of my favorite cartoon characters wants to idly chat on a Monday morning – don’t judge, just enjoy!

Hi Jon, thanks for joining us. So lets get right into it. Do you know why they decided to go in such a completely different direction this season, sort of changing so many things?

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