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Coming soon to theatres and On Demand from director Christopher Ray, Saban Films and Paramount is the story of a man doing the right thing by his family until there is an ASSAULT ON VA-33.

Jason Hill (Sean Patrick Flanery) is a veteran who suffers from PTSD. Seeing the struggle is wife Jennifer (Gina Holden) who works for Veteran’s Affairs and decides for Jason to continue seeing a therapist. On this particular day, Jason has daughter Sara (Sarah Jensen) with him staying in the truck.

Almost immediately Jason knows something is wrong at the VA. Calling local law enforcement officer Chief Malone (Michael Jai White), he explains that something is not right. Malone pushes his concerns aside concentrating on another telephone call he received asking about criminal Andrian Rabikov (Weston Cage Coppola).

What he does not yet know is that Jason is on to something, especially when he sees General Welch (Gerald Webb) walking down the halls of the VA guarded. That is when everything breaks loose as Rabikov takes hostages including the General. He wants information and he will either get it or there will be consequences.

Jason begins his efforts to once again tell Chief Malone what is happening inside the VA knowing that he must save as many people as possible and protect his family at the same time. His training kicks in but so does his PTSD and the clock is ticking.

Flanery as Jason portrays a man who knows he has issues that need professional help. Having a supportive family helps a great deal and as much as he resists during session, he knows the importance of being there. Flanery has made himself an independent action star for quite some time now and uses in this film his skills of Jiu Jitsu and Gracey.

Holden and Jensen have wife Jennifer and daughter Sara support what Jason must do. Of course, you can guarantee as with all movies in the last five years, teen daughter Sara does not listen to her father putting them both in danger.

Coppola as Rabikov gives us a well-dressed charming ruthless criminal who wants just one thing (see for yourself) and if he does not get it, has no problem making the person responsible pay. White as Chief Malone lives in this small town where nothing happens and treats most telephone calls as such, but this time he might want to listen to what Jason Hill has to say.

Other cast includes Rob Van Dam as Zero, Rachel True as Sasha, Brittany Underwood as Vee, Richard Gabai as Eric, Max Adler as Reino, Tim McKiernan as Max, Matt Riker as Brian, Sean Huze as Jerry, Brian Stapf as Ivan, Brandon Amano as Andrei, Frank Rossi as Agent Richards, Sheila Ball as Dr. Gutterman, Mark Dacascos as Jackson, and Abigail Hawk as Mrs. Welch.

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ASSAULT ON VA-33 is a fast-moving action film that keeps Sean Patrick Flanery on his toes. The film gives a complex story with a background of soldiering and PTSD as well as international criminals wanting revenge. Of course, innocents are in the way but that does not matter to criminals as much as it does for Jason Hill.

The fight is mainly inside a building which means every twist and peek around the corner is going to bring a few jumps. There are moments of predictability but not enough to pull focus away from the action and story.

In the end – the battlefield comes home!



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