The Plus: Self-Help for People Who Hate Self-Help 

Greg Gutfeld

July 28th, 2020

Threshold Editions

The Plus by Greg Gutfeld teaches people how to be positive instead of negative in their lives.  He uses current events as a guide on how to be a better person by eliminating destructive narratives and divisiveness.

Elise Cooper:  Why did you decide to write the book?

Greg Gutfeld:  I did not plan on it.  Something kept bothering me about the cancel culture.  At first, I was going to write a book about the unbending mind and people who are rigid in their ideology.  Then I got this premonition in the middle of the night and thought it is important to be a plus instead of a minus.  I did this in my life whether on social media, in the green room of “The Five” where I am a co-host, and with my wife.  

EC:  One of the chapters talks about a prison of two ideas?

GG:  It is the ability to not have tunnel vision.  With this pandemic the prison of two ideas would include “it is just like the flu or we have to lock everything down.”  There is an infinite number of positions between these two.  What should happen is people need to understand that the journey can be adjusted based on what happens. It is like switching gears on a four-wheel drive when the road gets rough.  Everything becomes a mutation of an idea.  

EC:  It seems statistics are used a lot with this virus?

GG: People compliment New York but that is where the majority of deaths happened and contagious people were sent to senior citizen homes where people died.  New York is praised for doing good now but let’s not forget they did so awful in the beginning.  About 65% of cases in the US came from New York.  Also, the death rates in Democratic states are 2.5 times those in Republican states.  This argues against the media narrative that it was a Trump caused virus.  He did what everyone wanted, allow the Governors to make up their own minds.  

EC:  You also have a chapter on mob rule?

GG:  I focused on Antifa.  They are truly the violent element that has infiltrated everything.  I am dismayed by the political local abdication of leaders in Seattle, Portland, and Chicago.  My own neighborhood was destroyed.  People like to imitate others just to get along, which fuels mob rule and the cancel culture.  It also scares people not to be honest.  Just look at that recent poll where 66% of Americans are afraid to speak their mind.  I think this is why Biden is over inflated in the polls. 

EC:  There was another chapter on cancel culture.  I am thinking specially about what happened with Goya Foods when President Trump and Ivanka were criticized for giving them a thumbs up?

GG:  The person who threw the loudest tantrum was the person who held the giant swab up, Chris Cuomo, as he joked with his brother, Governor Andrew Cuomo.  This reveals a tremendous blind spot when people cannot see their own hypocrisy.  CNN is basically drowning in it.  How could Cuomo yell at President Trump taking a picture with Goya cans? He held up this giant swab as he joked with his brother while people were dying in New York.  

EC:  You also speak about being flexible?

GG:  Those in the press and on social media tend to believe the worst thing or the supposed victim first.  We need to have WD-40 and put it in everyone’s joints for people to be more flexible and to admit when they are wrong.  I am just kidding BTW.  What is unbending is artificial intelligence.  Give a computer a task and it gets it done.  Another example is with private planes.  They are grounded because it is unsafe to fly because of weather and then the plane crashes.  Why?  The client asked the pilot to fly anyway.

EC:  What do you hope readers get out of the book?

GG:  Everybody should treat each other better and be united.  We proved we could do that with the pandemic.  Plus, I hope they have a good read.




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