Coming to theatres this Friday from director/writer Michael Rosenbaum comes a tale of what happens when you look BACK IN THE DAY.

This film tells the story of Jim Owens (Michael Rosenbaum), an actor who decides to go home for his high school reunion. Reviving his friendships with Len (Kristoffer Polaha), Skunk (Harland Williams) and T (Isaiah Mustafa) they quickly begin to cause a little trouble.

He isn’t in town five minutes however without seeing his high school love Lori (Morena Baccarin). Hit with a thunderbolt of memories, it all comes crashing down when he meets Mark (Jay Ferguson) – her fiancé.

It is at the reunion that something clicks for Jim and he decides to stay a few extra days and in that time all hell breaks loose!

FINAL WORD: Owens as Jim is plays a man who is going through what I think all guys go through (some are still there!) remembering the days of old. Spending time with the guys although ‘fun’ at the moment really doesn’t bring him the happiness he is looking for. Instead it adds confusion to what ever he seems to be looking for.

Baccarin as Lori is the girl to get even thought she’s already got. Now is her time to reexamine life as well. It’s never a good thing when an old flame tries to put out a new candle. Doesn’t hurt that Baccarin is a knock out either!

Brenneman and Mustafa are awesome are trouble companions knowing full well that as much as Jim may want to go back to yesteryear, it’s not where the guys really want to be. Mustafa as T has some awesome one-liners.

Williams as Skunk may be the biggest screw up of the group but when it comes down to it, when the moment hits becomes the biggest philosopher of the group…then he goes back to being Skunk! Williams does a fantastic job and I hope Hopkins is thrilled with his Hannibal impression.

Principle has some serious issues with Jim but his speech at the reunion is hilariously creepy!

Other cast include: Nick Swardson as Ron Freeman, Sarah Colonna as Carol, Angie Kramer as Liz Carey, Emma Caulfield as Molly, Danielle Bisutti as Annette Taylor and Mike Hagerty as Principal Teagley.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give BACK IN THE DAY three tubs of popcorn out of five. Yes, there are tons of movies about high school reunions but not all of them are as charming as this! It’s one man’s look at how things could have been instead of how they really are.

I have to say that director Rosenbaum chose some of the most awesome music for the films soundtrack. Hard to pay attention sometimes when there is serious jamming going on. I have to remember I’m watching a film! It’s fun for sure.

The film has fun, heartbreak, giggles, music and an awesome car chase – what else could anyone want in a comedy? Okay, there are plenty of butts as well if you absolutely need to be pushed over the top to see the film.

In the end – sometimes in order to move forward you have to go back!

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