Arriving on DVD today from director Craig Moss and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment comes a film about what happens when you don’t expect the unexpected from a “Bad Ass”.

This film tells the story of Frank Vega (Danny Trejo), a Vietnam Vet whose life after returning from war is nothing like he expected.

Now, 40 years later it takes only a fraction of a second for his life to really change. When a group of skinheads cause trouble on the bus, Vega steps up to put them down all the while a kid with his cell phone is recording the event. It goes viral quickly and

Frank becomes a local underground celebrity of sorts.

Vega ignores it all but when his friend Klondike is murdered he begins to follow the trail of the killers, which leads to an unexpected place. Angry that the police aren’t doing enough, he not only takes on those in the streets but the bad-er guys in high places.

FINAL WORD: Trejo plays the unassuming invisible man until its time not to. Playing the quiet man on the tough streets works for him, almost like a quieter version outwardly of his character in “Machete” (oh yes, apparently Machete do txt’d by the way). His one liners are funny and his demeanor spot on. Nice to see even a “senior” getting a little action, and I don’t just mean on the street!

The film is carried almost completely by Trejo even with a few familiar faces in the cast. Putting Trejo and Perlman’s momentary part in the same film also gears me up to see them again in the next season of SONS OF ANARCHY.

“Bad Ass” is inspired by the video “Epic Beard Man” that captured an altercation of a public bus in Oakland, California. Posted to YouTub the video had over five million views and the elderly bearded man was called “Epic Beard Man”.

Other cast include: Charles S. Dutton as Panther, Ron Perlman as Mayor Williams, Patrick Fabian as Officer Malark, Danny Woodburn as Sluggy Korn-nuts, John Duffy as Martin and Joyful Drake as Amber Lamps.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Bad Ass” three tubs of popcorn out of five. This film has a lot of corny lines and is obviously done on a low budget but don’t let that stop you from enjoying Danny Trejo go all out. There is something about watching him calmly walk around in cargo shorts, a polite voice and a big fist that will grab audiences for a good time.

There is violence, some nudity and lots of colorful language and its still fun!

In the end – they messed with the wrong senior citizen.

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