On DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and director/writer Craig Moss comes the next installment with the BAD ASSES ON THE BAYOU.

Frank Vega (Danny Trejo) and Bernie Pope (Danny Glover) are two friends who are just trying to do the right thing. When they are captured on video stopping a bank robbery, the world sees the Bad Asses do their thing!

When their friend Carmen Gutierrez (Loni Love) calls, she demands that the two men come to Louisiana for her nuptials. Seeing it as a fully catered weekend the boys hop the first flight out.

They meet up with Carmen and Dad Earl (John Amos) looking forward to the wedding. Instead, they are met with chaos and fists flying as Carmen is abducted and no one really understands why.

That doesn’t stop Frank and Bernie from jumping in with both fists to make sure that their friend is returned home safely!

Trejo as Frank is more than willing to throw a punch – male or female if necessary. Trejo has made a name for himself as a man of action. For the SONS OF ANARCHY fans, Trejo gave television something to cheer about as well. In this role he is itching to kick ass and seems to be having a very good time doing just that.

Glover as Bernie is a man with health issues – but those issues can be put on hold when there is a pretty lady near by or a rouse needs to be done. Either way it is funny to see him play opposite Trejo. I have to admit that the costuming of Glover’s character is hilarious.

Amos as Earl gets to be the Dad who will do anything to save his daughter. Having the opportunity of joining the duo in some bad ass-ness seemed to agree with Amos’ character and probably Amos himself.

Love as Carmen, I mean seriously, what can be said of this character. Although she is kidnapped, Carmen seemed to have no problem handling her handlers! Love may not be a bad ass but she sure is a smart ass and isn’t that what we love her for?

Other cast include: Colby Arps as Kyle, Deborah Ayorinde as Taryn, Jimmy Bennett as Ronald, Chelsea Bruland as Marissa and Andrew Duplessie as AJ.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give BAD ASSES ON THE BAYOU three tubs of popcorn out of five. This isn’t rocket science folks, simple two senior citizens out to kick some booty without throwing their backs out.

It has lots of humor, action and a few round house kicks to the face! Dare I say it is also endearing? Yes, I’ll say it! Trejo and Glover are in it with bells on and I don’t have a problem with it at all. This is the type of film you gather friends over with beer and pizza and have a good time – ‘nuff said.

In the end – they don’t take crap from anyone!



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