Coming to DVD from director Matthew Spradlin and Phase 4 Films comes a cautionary tale of high school and a town’s secrets with BAD KIDS GO TO HELL.

This film tells the story of Matt Clark (Cameron Stewart), a young man serving Saturday detention along with Megan McCurst (Amanda Alch), Tarek Ahmed (Marc Donato), Craig Cook (Roger Edwards), Tricia Wilkes (Ali Faulkner) and Veronica Harmon (Augie Duke) – all students of the Crestview Academy.

Headmaster Nash (Judd Nelson) chastises the group and prepares to lock them in a room with an eerie statue. Dr. Day (Jeffrey Schmidt) and his slightly off sidekick janitor Max (Ben Browder) let the kids know it will be an 8-hour lockdown! It doesn’t take long before a strangeness comes over the students.

One by one each teen reveals their story for being in detention with the finger of blame pointed in the direction of Matt Clark! He seems to be the kid in the wrong place at the wrong time. But is it just bad luck or something brewing much deeper in the secrets of the town and the school.

They better find the answer before no one is left to untwist the mystery!

FINAL WORD: Stewart as Clark is the guy who gets the massive blame for everything, always misunderstood or caught red handed with a bloody ax. Yea, that happens a lot in high school if I remember correctly. I mean there was this one time at the prom my friend Carrie got upset when they splattered her with blood so I can see how its possible to be caught with the ax. Clark is fun and has the right amount of adorable to pull this off!

Edwards as Cook plays follow the leader with the hotties but not without looking studly in a letterman’s jacket. Alch as Megan is perfect, Donato as Ahmed gets laughs, Faulkner as Tricia is beautiful – and all get taken out in fantastically gory ways. Yes, I know most people don’t think “fantastically” and “gory” go together but in this household it does!

Duke as Veronica gets to be the bad girl to the max. Of course the stereotypical Goth look helps and her chance to grab cutie Matt is cheered on by all of us who saw it. Schmidt as Dr. Day is your typical shmucky teacher and having Browder as sidekick Max adds an element of fun.

It was hilarious to see Nelson as the Headmaster of the school. To me it’s a stamp of approval from the “criminal” himself without really giving up being Bender! Actually, truth be told, I could easily see Bender being a headmaster. Alright, I’ll admit it…I love John Bender – there, happy?

The cast actually meshes really well together playing off strengths and weaknesses which is why it all works so well together!

Other cast include: Chanel Ryan as Ms. Gleason, Collin Cole as Wheelchair Kid, Eloise DeJoria as Governor Wilkes, Ice Mrozek as Mr. Ahmed, and Rodney Johnson as Mr. Cook.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give BAD KIDS GO TO HELL three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. With homage to THE BREAKFAST CLUB director Spradlin dares step on iconic territory and give it a kick in the backside! There are so many twists and turns to take in. There are moments of hilarity and then serious moments of cheesiness that just added endearment to the film and then shock factor waiting in the wings to jump in your face!

Everyone who has seen this film so far has told me they are surprised, in a good way that the mix of horror and comedy works fantastically! I couldn’t agree more. Just when the plot seems recognizable it turns left quickly and giggles while we follow along willingly. This is a film to gather everyone up, have pizza and beer in front of a big screen and prepare to have a great time!

In the end – daddy’s money can’t save them now!

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