Coming to Blu-ray from directors James Algar, Samuel Armstrong, David Hand, Graham Heid, Bill Roberts, Paul Satterfield and Norman Wright along with Walt Disney Studios is a beloved film that continues to delight us all — “Bambi.”

This animated tale tells us the story of a young deer named Bambi who is born a prince in the forest kingdom. He gets to know the woodland creatures like Flower the skunk and his buddy Thumper who enjoy their new friend.

Learning his way around, Bambi learns a little of everything from all the forest has to offer. He also meets Faline, a doe who teaches him to play like a deer should. As the seasons change, Bambi and his mother are struggling to find food but are thrilled when they find a patch of spring.

That happiness isn’t to last as Bambi must now leave with his father to make his way in the forest. Eventually, Bambi returns having grown with a set of antlers to meet up with his first friends Thumper and Flower and even Faline!

Taking his rightful place as the prince of the forest, Bambi and Faline reconnect as he defends her honor. But it is again when man enters the forest that Bambi defends all those in his domain. In that scuffle another danger to the forest happens as a fire spread wildly.

Together the creatures great and small come together because they a family and they look to Bambi to lead them!

What can be said about “Bambi” that hasn’t been said since it came to the silver screen over 75 years ago? It is brilliant in its story telling, stunning in its animation when I first saw it at the age of 10 and today at the age of 56. Generation after generation continue to see this film and know immediately it is something special. Five generations of my family know it to be true.

Voices include Hardie Albright and Donnie Dunagan as Bambi, Stan Alexander and Sterling Holloway as Flower, Peter Behn and Sam Edwards as Thumper, Cammie Conlon and Ann Gillis as Faline, and Friend Shields as the Great Prince of the Forest.

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment began distributing under its own label in 1980 and continues to bring quality programming to kids and kids at heart. Home of the most beloved animated features including “Snow White,” “Pinocchio” and “Sleeping Beauty” to name a few is what keeps families coming back for more. To see what is currently available to add to your own family library please visit. for their at home titles.

This Anniversary Edition of “Bambi” includes a Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD — which means you can take your favorite forest friends just about anywhere. Also, this is the first time “Bambi” is available with a Digital Copy.

The Bonus Features include “Studio Stories: Bambi — Walt Disney’s Recordings,” “Deleted Scenes,” “The Bambi Effect — See how today’s animated films were inspired by the artistry and technology of Bambi,” “Inside Walt’s Story Meetings — Extended Edition,” “Bambi Fawn Facts — Forest Animal Fun Facts” and so much more!

“Bambi” received three Academy Award nominations for Best Sound, Best Song and Original Music Score — personally I think they should have swept all three and I think anyone who grew up with Bambi would agree.

When Bambi’s father appears, it is majestic and sad at the same time as the young deer learns a little more about the deer heritage. I think that is what is so wonderful about this story; the realities of the human world can be put in the animated world teaching us so much about ourselves. There is love, loyalty, friendship, dedication to family and silliness all grouped into this film.

Disney brings such rich animation and with the Anniversary Edition the film comes out brilliantly in Blu-ray. The music and score also bring so much to the film with its playfulness, sense of urgency and grandeur. The songs continue to remind me why I love Disney films as do million all over the world.

Thumper, Flower, Faline as well as Bambi are rich and beautiful once again. Now I have the opportunity to share, for the first time, a film that has come to mean so much to me with my own granddaughter — that makes “Bambi” even more amazing and special.

In the end — an enchanting story that continues to live in our hearts!



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