Coming to television this week from the REELZ CHANNEL and director Roger Young during this Easter week comes a story rarely told about BARRABAS.

This film tells the story of Barabbas (Billy Zane), a criminal known to all. If he’s not out stealing from someone he can be found in the local brothel. There he sees Ester (Cristiana Capotondi), a servant girl who has a strong belief in God and finds himself quite taken by her.

But his enemies aren’t as taken with Barabbas. He doesn’t see them coming when they attack, beat and leave him for dead. It is Ester who finds and treats his wounds. When the soldiers begin looking for criminals, Barabbas meets Kedar (Hristo Shopov), leader of the Zealots who want nothing more than to bring down the Romans.

Kedar talks Barabbas into becoming a gladiator in order to get their hands on Rome’s gold. When plans change it is Kedar who tells Barabbas that its time to find his true destiny in life. Once again Ester enters his life and tells him about Jesus (Marco Foschi) and Barabbas thinks he has found the person who can free them all from the Romans.

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