On DVD and Blu-ray August 28th from director/writer Neil Mackay and WellGo USA comes a cautionary tale of crime with BATTLEGROUND.

This film tells the story of six bank robbers Mitch (Bryan Larkin), Texas (Bob Cymbalski), Logan (Robert Nolan), Kowalski (Mark Munro), Crowel (Damon E. White) and Dominc (Frank Ieraci). After a daring robbery they managed to escape deep into the woods but things begin to go wrong.

The ambulance they escaped in and the guns they buried disappear. As the clock to there flight out of the country ticks away, the group begins to questions each other’s motives. Three million dollars is a lot of motive!

What they had not counted on was a damaged Vietnam vet living in the woods and he doesn’t like to share his surroundings. Using his military training and war tactics to track the men.

They all make a stand on the battleground!

FINAL WORD: Larkin as Mitch seriously kept the ball rolling. Taking on each of his fellow robbers along with The Hunter, it was nice to see his character go out all. Cymbalski as Texas was the major gun-toting robber. He definitely was out for The Hunter and wasn’t going to stop. Nolan, Munro, White and Ieraci also put in their time and around out the six robbers.

The premise is interesting and quite honestly the cinematography was well done. The actors did a good job in their respective roles so much so that from the very beginning I wanted to see where the story went.

Other cast include: Bass Stewart as the boyfriend, Ryan Borg as the young hunter, and Lee Sandford as Heather.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give BATTLEGROUND three tubs of popcorn out of five. If you enjoy films that have twists and turns along with some pretty powerful action then this is the film for you. Take the name The Hunter seriously because this guy has the weaponry, the skill and the desire to finish whatever he starts.

Nope, sure not going to give anything away. With a million dollar budget, Neil made the most of those dollars combining good acting and cinematography with a decent story. Having worked with Cymbalski before in a film called DEATHDEALER.COM, Neil’s stories work with minimal characters and a lot of action.

In the end – there will be no peace.



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