This week’s release on DVD from director Chul-soo Jang, Cinema Asia Releasing and WELL GO USA is a tale of mystery and revenge with BEDEVILLED.

This film tells the story of Hae-won (Seong-won Ji), stressed out and in the middle of seeing a gang commit murder she returns to her grandparents’ island for a visit. There she is meets Bok-nam (Yeong-hei Seo), Hae-won’s childhood friend.

She soon discovers her friend Bok-nam is living in fear of her life and the life of her daughter Yeon-hee (Ji-Eun Lee) as the only two men in the village have control.

Asking Hae-won to take young Yeon-hee away to Seoul brings the wrath of the village down. Bok-nam takes things into her own hands and no one is safe on Moo-do Island.

FINAL WORD: Seo as Bok-nam has a powerful role here as a mother trying to protect her daughter. Living for 30 years on an island surrounded by those who berate and abuse her, the character of Bok-nam is sad and brilliantly played.

Ji as Hae-won is distant, cold and seemingly uncaring in any way about her friend or anyone else for that matter. She stays out of the upheaval in the village and the end result is astonishing.

Other cast include: Min-ho Hwang as Dodger and Jeong-hak Park as Man-jong.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give BEDEVILLED three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is a slow moving, deliberate film that wants to make sure you see every ounce of what it has to say. It is such a sad tale filled with themes of dysfunctional ideas of family, friendship and revenge.

The bluray DVD includes a behind-the-scenes and trailers. BEDEVILLED won the Audience Award for Best Film and actress Seo Yeong-hee names Best Actress at the 2010 Austin Fantastic Fest. It has always won the Grand Prize as Best Film at the 2011 Gerardemer Film Festival. Actress Yeong-hie Seo won Best Actress at the 2011 Fantasporto International Fantasy Film Festival.

All of these awards are well deserved for this film. Add this film to your collection and for more go to

In the end – there is nothing more deadly than a woman looking for revenge.



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