Ready for more of the Dina Collection and the gang from BEVERLY HILLS PAWN? REELZ brings Yossi, Aria, Cory and Dominique back to share even more amazing items that come into their showroom.

Yossi and Dominique deal a Dominatrix walking in with the most unusual lingerie piece and being presented with a Beatles album that Yossi is excited to keep for himself.

Cory and Yossi go to a residence of a memorabilia collector to see the iconic chair of Captain Kirk hopefully from the original Star Trek television series! Is it real or a gorgeous replica? Beam me up Scottie to find out!

This season BEVERLY HILLS PAWN brings episodes with incredible finds like a three million dollar diamond ring and a rare Picasso. If you are curious about who and what will come through the doors next then make sure you tune into BEVERLY HILLS PAWN this season.

Yossi is so entertaining to watch. I can honestly say I never know what he’s going to say or do. When offering a dollar amount for items that come through his doors he always surprises me. That being said he also has a no nonsense style of ‘take it or I walk’ when offering to buy items. There is that ten seconds where I shout out whether I think they will or not. Just adds a bit of fun to the show.

Dominique, Cory, and Aria are back as well. They go out to find items to capture Yossi’s imagination and sometimes question whether they did the right thing or not. I can’t help but think that working with Yossi is a lot of fun.

REELZ brings fresh programs and innovative series to cable television. There are so many shows that REELZ has to offer such as HOLLYWOOD HILLBILLIES, THE CAPONES and HOLLYWOOD SCANDALS. There is something for everyone and REELZ is where Hollywood Happens!

BEVERLY HILLS PAWN on July 9th with two back to back episodes of “Pawn Long & Prosper” followed by “KISS & Tell”.



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