REELZ Channel has brought there own unique brand to television and the new series BEVERLY HILLS PAWN is another stellar example.

BEVERLY HILLS PAWN is a series that takes the viewer inside the world of Yossi Dina, the owner of Dina Collection of Beverly Hills. This isn’t just an ordinary pawnshop; it is a shop where the elite go to get fast cash.

Yossi sees it all from famous clothing, to stunning jewelry, to unique personal items – there isn’t anything that doesn’t interest him. Running his shop like a well oiled machine with his amazing business sense and negotiating skills also means a staff that is equally skilled.

Dina has Cory Oliver, a smart woman who knows how to negotiate a good deal. There is also Aria Johnson who attracts customers but is still in the learning stages. Finally, there is Dominique Pinassi who has worked with Yossi Dina for over 12 years and knows the ropes almost as well as the master himself.

It is all about the art of the deal for this exclusive showroom!

FINAL WORD: Dina knows what he likes and knows a deal when he sees it. From the moment the show begins it is obvious who runs this show. His famous clients who have known Dina for years come to him because he is fair as well as flamboyant.

His staff deals with everything from bed sheets from the film 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN to a woman who wants to sell an Aston Martin to buy and island. If that isn’t jaw dropping enough how about a woman trying to sell a retro houseboat? Or a young lady looking to invest in beautiful chains of gold but gets some Dina charm as a bonus.

Dina also knows his clientele quite well when he manages to obtain the gun used by Charlize Theron in the film MONSTER and knows just who to call! He handles eat of his customers with care and grace – which explains why they keep coming back!

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give BEVERLY HILLS PAWN three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. It is interesting to think that even in Beverly Hills there are wealthy individuals who, from time to time, need the extra cash flow. Their valuables are interesting and sometimes even stunningly beautiful.

Dina knows what the items are worth negotiating like a pro and has a staff that is smart and even funny – which can’t hurt at all. His clients are interesting and each has a story they are willing to tell. I truly enjoyed watching each episode to see what could possibly come through the door next. I was never disappointed!

BEVERLY HILLS PAWN airs Wednesday June 5th on the REELZ CHANNEL beginning at 9 p.m./e.t. Future shows include “Models, Money and Michael Jackson”, Batman and a Blade” and “Diamonds and Disco Balls”!

In the end – Beverly Hills will never be the same with Dina in town!

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