In theatres this Friday from director Jean-Baptiste Leonetti and Roadside Attractions comes a look into the lives of two men and what happens when it’s all BEYOND THE REACH.

This film tells the story of Ben (Jeremy Irvine), a guide sent out with executive John Madec (Michael Douglas) into the Mojave Desert. When a man named Charlie is accidentally killed, it sets into the motion a madness that only the desert can bring.

When Madec realizes that Ben isn’t going to hide the accident, he turns on the young man and forces him out into the wilderness with almost nothing on. Ben must now rely on what he knows of the Mojave to try and stay one step ahead of Madec.

Who ever doesn’t try to kill you only makes you stronger!

FINAL WORD: Douglas as John Madec is the winner here. This actor has played many roles that are questionable of character but Madec is a despicable human being of the highest level of horrible. That being said he is also riveting to watch! He seems to enjoy playing this little game of cat and mouse with the belief that he is smarter than everyone else.

Irvine as Ben is a young man who just wants to gather up his girlfriend and get as far away from their little town as he can. Guess he should have taken off that very morning as I’m sure his plans didn’t include walking around a 120 degree desert in his tightie whities (although truth be told they were green). Anyone can chase you around with a huge jeep and a big gun but Irvine’s character brings it all back to basics!

Other cast include: Ronny Cox as the Sheriff, Patricia Bethune as the Secretary, Martin Palmer as Charlie and David Garver as Ben’s father.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give BEYOND THE REACH three tubs of popcorn out of five. It is definitely a film about the indestructible nature of both the good and the bad in people. Douglas and Irvine played extremely well off of both these attributes. I’m not going to lie because Douglas absolutely gave me the creeps.

I enjoyed both of these actors performances because they carry the weight of the entire film. That is a lot of pressure but the storyline of survival and the desert playing an unspoken character just gives it all a suspenseful quality.

The cinematography is beautiful and I recognized the mountains knowing exactly how hot it can get. When Irvine freaks out about no water, trust me – I felt for him! There is beauty in the Mojave desert but there are also a thousand things that can make it turn ugly pretty quick.

The ending is definitely the stuff film conversations over dinner are created for so be prepared to go all out or don’t bother watching!

In the end – what began as an accident has become a deadly game!



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