Coming to DVD from SHOUT! Factory and Saban Brands is a fun series that takes us into scary places with BIG BAD BEETLEBORDS Season One, Volume One.

This series tells the story of Drew, Jo and Roland, three kids who are out looking for adventure. On a dare the trio enter Hillhurt Mansion, a haunted house in the town of Charterville.

Drew, Jo and Roland wish they could be BeetleBorgs like their favorite comic superheroes. Once inside the house they meet Flabber (Billy Forrester) who hears this wish and grants it. At the same time Flabber accidentally creates the evil Vexor (Kisu) and his gang of Magnavors.

Now its time for the new BeetleBorgs to take on the forces that are trying to take over mankind!

FINAL WORD: BIG BAD BEETLEBORGS is a dynamic, colorful and action filled series. The characters of Drew, Joe and Roland show the fun and closeness of friendships.

Other cast include: Elisabeth Lund as Heather, Shannon Chandler as Jo, Kyle Jordan as Typhus, Derek Stephen Prince as Noxic, Vivian Smallwood as Nano, Todd Hurst as Trip, Patrick Seaborn as Van, David Fletcher as Frankenbeans, Joe Hackett as Count Fangula, and Balinda English as Jara.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give BIG BAD BEETLEBORGS three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is another super trio adventure with its 27 episodes on a three DVD set. Armed with awesome power, this series is filled with action and adventure for kids, and kids of all ages.

The series began in 1996 as a weekly live action series. For more on Saban’s BIG BAD BEETLEBORGS Season One, Vol. One go to!

In the end – they discovered more than they bargained for!



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