From Well Go USA Entertainment and director/writer Yi’nan Diao comes a crime thriller that twists on “Black Coal, Thin Ice.”

Zhang Zili (Liao Fan) is a cop chasing a killer and is wounded on the job in 1999 China forcing him into retirement. In 2004, Zhang is working in a coal-plant as a security guard when a body, well parts of one, are discovered.

He notices similarities and begins to look into things himself feeling this is the chance to solve the case. As another victim is found, Zhang begins to see a pattern between the victims and Wu Zhizhen (Gwei Lun-Mei), a woman who owns a dry cleaning business.

As the case becomes more intense, so does his feelings for Wu but more importantly it is the truth that can kill!

Fan as Zhang Zili is such an intense character to watch. Determined to find the answers his character also shows moments of feeling that the viewer knows is going to be trouble. Never mess with a cop who carries around an unsolved case because my money is on him solving it, no matter how long it takes and Zhang is no exception. Fan can also be seen in “Chinese Zodiac” which I enjoyed as well.

Lun-Mei as Wu is such an amazing actress and she proves that once again with this role. I have been a fan since the 2008 film “All About Women” and again in 2011 with “The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate,” so I already knew she would take this role and play it with all the mystery she can muster.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Black Coal, Thin Ice” four tubs of popcorn out of five. There are so many twists here but I love the feel of the film. It is a dark film projecting that feeling of dread and there is plenty of it here. You never know when pieces are going to show up and when they do Zhang is there.

The problem with talking about a film like this is trying not to give anything away and this is the film to keep my yapper shut! There is so much here in the 106 minute murder-mystery-thriller and I want you to enjoy every minute without me teasing to much.

“Black Coal, Thin Ice” won the Golden Bear Award at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival. Liao Fan won the Silver Bear for Best Actor as well. Yi’nan Diao won Best Screenwriter and Fan Liao Best Actor at the 2015 Asian Film Awards. Also, Diao won Best Director at the 2014 Odessa International Film Festival.

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This is definitely a film to add to the action crime thriller genre part of your home library and on Bluray as well. The crisp definition is amazing so pick up your copy of “Black Coal, Thin Ice” Sept. 29.

In the end — the chance to redeem himself has come again!



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