Coming Oct. 11 from SHOUT! Kids Factory and directors Deane Taylor, Noel Cleary, Alexs Stadermann and Alex Weight is a story of family, faith and friendship with “Blinky Bill: The Movie.”

Blinky (voiced by Ryan Kwanten) is a young koala who loves his family and the community of Greenpatch that he has been raised in. His father (Richard Roxburgh) is an explorer who has such stories to tell. Once again Blinky’s father must go out to help more animals with the promise that he would someday take his son on a journey.

This time his father doesn’t return and time has passed as Mayor Cranklepot (Barry Otto) has taken over leadership of Greenpatch. Instead of being a help to the community he demands that no more creatures be allowed in and that he rule as a king.

Blinky and his mother Betty (Deborah Mailman) are worried when Cranklepot threatens their home. Not about to be pushed around, Blinky knows the only way to stop all of this is to find his father. Sneaking out with the help of friends Splodge, Robert and Marcia, he begins the journey seeing places he never knew existed and find a koala friend in Nusty (Robin McLeavy).

Nutsy isn’t very happy with Blinky when he stops her from heading for the zoo. That’s not his only problem when Sir Claude the Cat (Rufus Sewell) has decided he wants a koala buffet. Blinky and Nutsy are now on the run looking for the sea of white dragons where he believes his father is.

Helping them get there is Wombat (Barry Humphries) who calls on emus Beryl and Cheryl (Toni Collette) to make their journey easier. Once past the crocs, Blinky is koala-napped and taken to the local zoo. Of all places Blinky discovers who his friends are and how much family means when taught to never give up!

“Blinky Bill” has such a stellar cast lending their voices to these characters. From Kwanten as the voice of Blinky to Collete as the two very adorable girl emus’, it is their talent that brings tons of delight in the action packed 80 minutes.

Other cast include David Wenham as Jacko, Tin Pang as Jorge, Cam Ralph as Splodge, Charlotte Rose as Marcia, and Billy Birmingham as Tony.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Blinky Bill: The Movie” five tubs of popcorn out of five. This beautifully animated film has all the themes that I love in a family film. From the dedication of family and community to friendship and determination – this film covers them all in such a watchable way.

“Blinky Bill: The Movie” is based on an American children’s book series by Dorothy Wall dating back to 1933. “The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill” is a television series that has over 26 episodes that I would love for my granddaughter to see!

The Dove Foundation has given “Blinky Bill: The Movie” its Family Entertainment seal and deservedly so. SHOUT! Kids Factory and Studio 100 Film brings the film along with Flying Bark Productions, Assemblage Entertainment and Telegael Teoranta.

The Bluray/DVD/Digital Download includes the Bonus Features of a Music Video, “Blinky Bill: The Movie” Featurette, The Plot, The Characters, The Evolution, The Voice Actors, What’s Your Favorite Aussie Animal? and What’s Your Favorite Aussie Food?

Adventure, fun, humor, silliness and that’s such a thrill to say about an animated film that is pure delight from the first frame to the last. SHOUT! Factory continues to bring animated films such as “Blinky Bill” to expand every family’s home entertainment media library. Everything about this film will have it being watched again and again!

In the end — it’s an adventure bigger than the Outback!



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