Blood Infernal

Blood Infernal, the third installment, by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell is an amazing finale to the Sanguines series. It combines what Rollins is known for and does so well, his ability to intermix an adventure story with religion and history, with a dose of a love story and a supernatural mystery.

Rollins noted to, “I write three different series, but they all have the flavor of the same storyline where I use fiction intertwined with taking science and history two steps to the right, left, or forward. This is my passion. For example, the Bible scriptures were used in this book to connect biblical history to the present day, an introduction of sort to each chapter, an echo of the context of that chapter. This is a way of showing how the storyline is based on real Christian thought. Unlike the other series I write I did not put in at the end a ‘what’s true and what’s not.’ A lot of the details with regard to references of the Bible and policy procedures of the Vatican are pretty accurate. My cousin is a Priest who helped me with the information. I guess it can best be described as an alternate history with regard to the Church.”

The story takes off from the very first page. The series heroes return: The Knight of Christ, Rhun Korza; The Warrior of Man, Jordan Stone; and the Woman of Learning, Erin Granger, along with the person able to connect key information, Countess Elizabeth. They travel throughout Europe on a quest to save mankind, while keeping the “Gates of Hell” locked. With the Apocalypse looming the protagonists must battle a demon named Legion, and face the devil himself, Lucifer. This fight of good versus evil includes philosophical questions about salvation, lost innocence, and damnation. All the pieces come together in this riveting thriller where the heroes must survive horrific battles, betrayals, and grueling tests of perseverance.

Because he is so supportive of the armed forces all his books have a military main character. The Sanguines series features the Warrior Jordan Stone, the dog series highlights Tucker Wayne, a former military dog handler, and the Sigma series has Gary Pierce. As with many of those serving, Jordan is someone dependable, intuitive, and willing to sacrifice all to keep those he cares about safe.

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