Are you ready for bloody laughs? From Scream Factory, director Brian O’Connell and the Dr. God comedy troupe comes a pre-Halloween treat with “Bloodsucking Bastards.”

Evan (Fran Kranz) is a dedicated employee working hard for a company selling natural male enhancement. The one person that keeps him focused is girlfriend Amanda (Emma Fitzpatrick) and the other person that keeps life interesting is best friend Tim (Joey Kern).

That is until Amanda decides to break up with Evan and for the topping of his day-cake, boss Ted (Joel Murray) has passed him over for promotion. Trying to keep it together, it all completely falls apart when Evan learns Max (Pedro Pascal), a college pain-in-the-neck, has taken over.

Things can’t possible get worse right? As always that would be wrong! Evan begins to notice creepy things happening around the office (like a body lying around one minute and gone the next) and Max is eyeballing Amanda. At first Tim thinks his buddy is losing it and Amanda hardly thinks this is the way to win her back.

It won’t take long before Evan has to rescue his friends from vampires working in the office. Aided by the trusty office security dude Frank (Marshall Givens), let the staking begin!

The mystery is who is responsible, how to stop it and, more importantly, will there be a raise for all his efforts?

Kranz as Evan is the complete package of an unlikely hero that rises to the task. He is cute, charming, and sweet and I have to wonder what’s wrong with Amanda? Oh that’s right, she’s looking for redder pastures.

Fitzpatrick as Amanda gets caught up in the office new guy (how typical <insert eye roll here>) and nothing with stop me from rooting for Evan from beginning to end. Okay, so it isn’t all Amanda’s fault as there is a lot of supernatural stuff flying about the office, kind of like a crazy flu virus.

Kern as Tim is that guy we all want as a best friend. He lives life one video game at a time and seemingly lets life flow like water off a ducks back. As things get tough in the office, he stands by his best bud! Pascal as Max is the guy most likely to get served a cup of garlic laced coffee if he’s not careful. Well, it does suck when a nemesis arrives to ruin Evan’s love life.

Givens as Frank is awesome. He isn’t about to let any blood sucking office workers get in the way of his job. I just love everything about his character and he takes blood splatter like a boss!

I give “Bloodsucking Bastards” five tubs of popcorn out of five. I do this because I can AND I can’t remember the last time I was this pleasantly and disturbingly surprised. I had such a grand time watching this film because I couldn’t stop laughing. The storyline is genius and confining it to an office space is perfect. From lost love to working vamps (I mean it’s time they got jobs!) this film is absolutely hilarious.

The entire shoot lasted eighteen days and was done in a tax preparer’s office in Chatsworth, California. What impressed me the most was reading that the film was completed without one day of reshoots. More impressing factoids is that director O’Connell allowed the actors to ‘bring their own spin to every scene and a lot of the best lines in the film were made up on the spot’.

Of course I do have a twisted sense of humor which certainly helps but the bantering between these characters is filled with great one-liners that I suspect will be repeated again and again. The special effects are bloody fantastic, pun intended, and the make up is kick ass. There are references in the film that made me smile and I have no intention of giving them away because it is definitely part of the fun for the viewer but listen for them!

If you are looking for some outrageous fun this weekend then you need to gather up a gang of office co-workers and make a night of “Bloodsucking Bastards.” Water cooler chat on Mondays will never be the same again!

In the end — work sucks the life right out of you!



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