Now available on DVD, Bluray and VOD from Alchemy and director Ken Sanzel comes dueling with a twist that involves “Blunt Force Trauma.”

John (Ryan Kwanten) has an interesting of making money. Putting on a bullet proof vest, two people get in a ring, stand inside a circle, face one another and open fire. Who ever falls outside the ring – loses!

He is making a name for himself but his goal is a simple one, to take on the ultimate champion Zorringer (Mickey Rourke). The only thing standing in his way is Colt (Freida Pinto), a young woman who blames Zorringer for her brother’s death. The only way to get to him is jumping in the ring herself.

There worlds collide and come with a bullet in this gun toting underground culture!

Kwanten as John is a man who doesn’t have much to say but when he does, it has purpose. This characters goal is clear and when he isn’t distracted by the lovely new comer, he is good at dueling. Kwanten has been working his way out of his “True Blood” character (don’t get me wrong because fans love his “True Blood” phase). The next role I want to see his Jan ‘Cat’ Boellard in “Kidnapping Mr. Heineken.”

Pinto as Colt has been a busy actress since “Slumdog Millionaire.” I don’t think a year has gone by where she hasn’t performed. In this film she gets the chance to rely more on her skills with weaponry. Performing opposite Kwanten, these two are very cool together.

Rourke as Zorringer is good in anything he does – it’s that simple. He continues to perform in films with such a wide range of characters I truly never know what to expect him to do next. Perhaps that is why Rourke intrigues me so much, never know what he’s capable of and surprised every time.

Other cast include – Maruia Shelton as Wesley, Jon Mack as Reggie, Carolina Gomez as Marla, Jason Gibson as Huey, Tatiana Ronderos as Sandra, Ruben Zamora as Silva and Steven Galarce as Arch.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Blunt Force Trauma” three tubs of popcorn out of five. There is a lot of action here and an interesting concept that I think guys will be drawn too. Personally I enjoy watching Kwanten take on such different roles, none of which are typical Hollywood characters. Together with Pinto they tell an action filled tale that kept me watching.

Director Sanzel is responsible for a vast amount of work that expands from television with Blue Bloods, Nomads, NYC 22 and Numb3rs into film with SCAR CITY and THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS.

In the end — it comes down to the quick and the deadly!



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