Every once in a while there is a series that I look forward to seeing but one particular series has me thrilled with the show “Blunt” on STARZ!

Television mouth-piece Walter Blunt (Patrick Stewart) is a man falling fast, with the recent headline of spending time with a young lady of the evening in the front of his car in a dark alley, the studio execs are looking for blood.

His crew consisting of Rosalie Winter (Jacki Weaver), Jim (Timm Sharp), Celia (Dolly Wells), Shelly (Mary Holland) and Martin (Karan Soni) are trying to turn a frown upside down.

In order to make his life right, chauffer Harry (Adrian Scarborough) gives him a towel lashing as UBS Network boss-man Bob Gardner (Romany Malco) decide whether to keep him on the air.

Blunt gets the big idea to interview himself on air to get the real side of the story. Visiting Dr. Weiss (Richard Lewis), he shares his fears about losing the show that he loves. After getting the okay to take his own hot seat, the interview is on!

He succeeds! His ratings get a jump and after a collapse on air (that gives us an entertaining dance number until he wakes), this British talker decides he wants to be a father to the American people.

He begins to take on causes but the strangest of ways. Blunt’s emotions keep him captive inside a mind that can’t control itself with one blazing thought after another. The second episode I Experience Shame and Anticipate Punishment gave me a new hilarious view of toilet seat covers when trying to get to a plane.

I won’t say any more than that because it would ruin the fun, the laughs, the trust of your team, the ridiculousness of Walter Blunt, the importance of a condom and the interpretive moves of Singing in the Rain.

All My Relationships End in Pain, Gardner sends Blunt to a group for his addictions. They are not quite ready for what he has to offer the group but then again, is anyone ready? But Blunt isn’t the only one with interesting quirks! Told by his analyst to meet people, it turns into the chaos that is Blunt’s life!

That’s just a sample of the craziness I laugh about with this series. Patrick Stewart is insane and I couldn’t be happier about it. The fantastic delivery of cutting lines and expressions with a mixture of turmoil and “I really couldn’t care less” is absolutely stellar.

Stewart’s relationship with partner-in-shame Harry is the visual definition of enabling except they enable each other. From drinking to excuse making, these two are twin sons from different mothers. There weaknesses for a life they once knew is probably the one thing that keeps them going. Scarborough gives his character a craziness I like in my friends which is probably why I find him endearing.

Weaver as Rosali is just a woman on a mission but I’m not quite sure what that mission is. It could be keeping Blunt in line or it could be attempting to have sex with her husband in as many places as she possibly can. Either one is alright by me!

Malco as Gardner is a man trying to keep his head above the Blunt water line. His character is a small one but it shouldn’t be so my suggestion let Blunt drive him insane because Malco will give a performance reaction.

Sharp, Wells, Holland and Soni are the team behind the Blunt Talk and I say that with so much affection for them. These characters are still developing and secrets are pouring out right and left. I’m not going to talk much about their storylines because, and trust me on this, each one separately has issue but together are a second cousin to Blunt’s madness.

This is a show of fast humor, storylines that turn on a dime and characters that are past the point of madness but in a fantastically told way. Okay STARZ, I’ll be honest here, I hate when the credits roll!

The layers of humor here are deep, biting and hilarious. I seriously catch myself laughing at something said 10 seconds after a line is delivered because my brain first screams, ‘oh no he didn’t say that!’ followed by laughter. Thank goodness for DVR otherwise I’d miss character responses that are equally as tickling.

So if you are looking for a series that doesn’t hold back, pushes the boundaries of comedy and has an amazing cast, then “Blunt Talk” on STARZ should definitely be on your ‘must-experience’ television list.

Every Saturday night at 9 p.m. on STARZ get your full fix of “Blunt Talk!”



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