Coming to Reelz on May 26th is the two-hour return of a fan favorite with BOMB GIRLS: Facing the Enemy!

The girls from the Victory Munitions factory are back as the darkest time comes to the war on land and sea in 1943. German U-boats are destroying ships that have supplies for the troops. Everyone is worried about their loved ones and even more, the potential for a saboteur is suspected at the factory.

The girls have also changed! Gladys Witham (Jodi Balfour) has been recruited by the Allied Intelligence. Her mission is to return to Victory Munitions and discover what is happening. A secret section of the factory has begun production of sonar equipment to help win the war but someone is tampering with the sonar.

Once back in the factory, Gladys reconnects with Lorna Corbett (Meg Tilly) who still cares about the girls in the factory and Kate (Charlotte Hegele) is finally singing in a club. Betty (Ali Liebert) is recently out of prison taking the fall for the death of Kate’s father. Vera (Anastasia Phillips) is happy in her relationship with Marco (Antonio Cupo).

The intrigue becomes intense as evidence is uncovered by Gladys who now works in the secret section. She recruits Betty to be her second pair of eyes and no one knows what is really happening.

When an accident happens in the factory, the girls come together to do what is right by those they love and a country who needs them because they are the BOMB GIRLS!

FINAL WORD: Balfour as Gladys once again jumps in the fray. I was not surprised to find her character training with Allied Intelligence. Once she returns to Victory Munitions it wasn’t just about her mission but a return to the people she had come to know and love. Balfour has always made Gladys a strong woman and now she is even a stronger woman of action.

Tilly as Lorna returns as the mother of them all. Continuing to do her job, she doesn’t forget that these are her ‘girls’ and keeping busy is a way to continue dealing with the death of her son. Tilly brings a softness to Lorna, a sadness that is deep yet a strength that one can trust. I’ve always admired that about Tilly and her character.

Hegele as Kate has finally found her voice. Starting her life over she tries to make amends with Betty and rekindles a friendship with Ivan. Hegele is clearly the perfect choice to play this role.

Liebert as Betty is trying to regain a life once she is released from prison. Taking her anger out in the boxing ring, she is saved by Gladys and welcomed back to the factory. Still dealing with her feelings for Kate, Liebert embraces this character and all her emotions with such elegance.

Phillips as Vera has finally found happiness in the last place she would have looked. Feeling like there is some normalcy in her life, when the factory is hit she does the unexpected with an outcome that is a stunner!

Cupo as Marco has found some happiness with Vera and looking forward to getting married. Still wanting his father to return home, that is always foremost in his mind. He is the man in the middle of women but still one of the girls!

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Other cast include: Peter Outerbridge as Bob Corbett, Michael Seater as Ivan Buckinsky, Jamie Elman as Jakob Berman and Catherine Berube as Helen Buchinsky.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give BOMB GIRLS: Facing the Enemy four tubs of popcorn out of five. I can not even begin to tell you how thrilled I was to find they had continued the story so many of us have come to love. This two-hour BOMB GIRLS still stays true to the characters, their lives and the history of that time period. The sets, costumes and cinematography once again gives viewers a feeling of the period and that adds such an amazing element to it all.

Stan E. Hubbard, CEO of REELZ says, “We are excited to share such an important story with our viewers this Memorial Day. With its magnificent cast, compelling characters and superb production, BOMB GIRLS: Facing the Enemy is the perfect way to honor our veterans and has appeal that spans generations”.

This Memorial Day, see one of the best casts in a series that has continued to tell the story of women who believed in doing their part for those who went away to serve. Telling storylines and hard hitting emotions are only a few of the compelling reasons to watch BOMB GIRLS: Facing the Enemy this Memorial Day on REELZ at 9 p.m. ET/ 6 p.m. PT.

In the end – they will discover their own courage and strength!



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