Are you all as excited as I am? That’s right, Season Two of the REELZ cable network hit series BOMB GIRLS is coming back March 27th at 8 p.m. and, if that isn’t enough, it will be immediately followed by the second episode at 9 p.m.

Last year I was really thrilled to talk to Ali Liebert who plays Betty McRae. Getting to hear her words about the show made watching the first season so much more exciting! BOMB GIRLS tells the story of women who, in World War II, work in a munitions factory while the men of the Allied Forces fight on the European front.

The stories are of their lives, their families, secrets and slip ups out for audiences to see as these women see changes in their lives of being home makers or even arm jewlry. Each episode brings that feeling of “Are you kidding? I have to wait another week!” to see more the exploits of the crew.

The cast includes Oscar Nominee and Golden Globe winner Meg Tilly who plays Lorna Corbett, a matron who supervises the girls on the floor. Married to Bob (Peter Outerbridge), a wheelchair bound vet from the previous war, Lorna takes care of the family. Daughter Sheila (Natasha Greenblatt) is a nurse at the local hospital and son Gene (Brett Dier) is the local town hero piloting the skies in Europe.

The girls include Jodi Balfour as Gladys Witham that some might call the ‘rich girl’ looking to do her part for the war effort and break away from her wealthy and name brand family and her father Rollie (James McGowan). Charlotte Hegele as Kate Andrews, the young woman breaking away from her abusive father. Ali Liebert as Betty McRae, the strong willed woman who lets nothing stand in her way.

Also, Anastasia Phillips as Anastasia Phillips as Vera Burr, a firey young woman who last season overcomes an accident at the factory. Carlyn Burchell as Carol Demers, a woman who doesn’t mind running over another gal to get what she wants.

Let us not forget some of the amazing performances by the guys as well! The stand out man is the very handsome Antonio Cupo who plays Marco Moretti. This swell guys is easy on the eyes and heavy on the heart. Wanting to help the war effort he is constantly rejected because of family ties and being Italian! Sebastian Pigot is James Dunn, Glady’s fiancé who is afraid of what he must do to make the world safe for Glady’s.

This truly is a fantastic show that has me hooked. The series takes on many issues, and some considered taboo in the 1940’s. At the same time there are equally as many issues that could be seen today with family dynamics, the effects of war on those who fight them, relationships and love and secrets we all carry within us. Ali Liebert said about the show, “I think that’s what is relatable. That people watching can relate and how there is a total metamorphosis that changes the story of how your life will unfold.”

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