On the REELZ CHANNEL from creators Michael McLennan and Adrienne Mitchell is episodes 7-12 in the season two hit series BOMB GIRLS.

Once again we join the factory and continue the journey!

Lorna (Meg Tilly) is going through dramatic changes as her husband Bob (Peter Outerbridge) decides its time to carry his own weight. Taking work out of town Lorna is left on her own. Lorna must also come to terms with her daughter Shelia’s (Natasha Greenblatt) relationship with the Indian doctor.

Glady’s (Jodi Balfour) is trying to recover from the death of her fiancé and her gal-pals are helping. Getting her back to the factory is their first goal! Right away she notices security has tightened sees suspicious activity that gets her involved in more than she anticipated.

Marco (Cupo) is accused of stealing munitions from the factory and resents it. But there is something more as an old friend tries to get Marco involved in something that could destroy his family. Vera (Antastasia Phillips) can’t believe what is happening to their relationship.

Kate (Charlotte Hegele) is still living with the lie but now has a love life. Unexpectedly becoming engaged she thinks everything is behind her. That is until an unexpected family member shows up.

Betty (Ali Liebert) is also deep in love with Theresa. Knowing any moment that she can be called away Betty tries to make the best of their time together. At the same time she is watching Kate try to live a secret life.

And together, each must find a way to keep their factory family together in the best and worst of what the war gives them. Together, nothing stands in their way!

FINAL WORD: Tilly as Lorna has once again proven why I adore her character. Although she has grown immensely since her character’s first introduction, there are moments of the original “Lorna” that creeps in. The great thing about Tilly’s portrayal of Lorna is her ability, when given all the information, makes decisions that are sensible but never forgets to add heart to it all. Tilly is stunning in this role and I can’t say it enough.

Balfour as Glady’s has gone through some changes as well. Losing her fiancé in the beginning of the second season, its good to see Balfour give her character the grieving time she needs but comes back with a vengance. Her constant curiosity does get her into trouble but it’s the kind of trouble that will lead her to answers.

Cupo as Marco is once again up against so much. Constantly having to fight the stigma left behind by his father his anger gets in the way of his better judgement. Cupo has the right look and temperment to do what is necessary for his family. Its also great to see his relationship with Vera.

Phillips as Vera is also having to go up against so much. Trying to find her place in the office at the factory it is her relationship with Marco that may well take her down. The one thing you can count on with Vera is she is not going without a fight. I adore Phillips’ portrayal of Vera!

Hegele as Charlotte although still sweet and innocent really does live in a fantasy world sometimes. Seeing marriage as a way out she once again falls into a relationship not based on true feelings. It was also wonderful to hear Hegele sing again but the circumstances would be considered shocking in the day!

Liebert as Betty is such a fantastic role and character. Taking on the issue of sexuality is difficult enough for that time period but Betty also takes on wanting to own her own home! Watching Liebert handle both situations had me cheering for taking such risks!

This season also sees an appearance by Rosie O’Donnel as Mrs. Shannon, a writer who wants to share with readers far more than any of the girls wanted. Lorna is the one to receive the fall out from it all.

Other cast include: Richard Fitzpatrick as Harold Akins, James McCowan as Rollie Witham, Kate Henning as Adele Witham, Carlyn Burchell as Carol Demers, Michael Seater as Ivan Buchinsky, Sebastian Pigott as James Dunn, Jim Codrington as Leon Buck and Lisa Norton as Edith McCallum.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give BOMB GIRLS four tubs of popcorn out of five. Are you kidding? With each episode I couldn’t wait for the next to see how these women deal with the situations they are given.

REELZ CHANNEL should be commended for not only bringing such a fantastic cast together but a cast that dares to take on, in some cases, issues that would have been silenced in that series era of time.

I have to admit that I adore the costuming, setting and design of the show. It adds such depth to the telling of these stories. It is so easy to get lost in the story because every detail has been considered. The dresses, hats, shoes and down to the color of the ladies lipstick is just amazing. Using the realistic factory and munitions line gives the cast a supporter in telling a story that is historical.

Season Three is going to be a jaw dropper and when seeing the final episode of Season Two I think fans will totally agree with me.

In the end – same war, different battles!

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