This week is a big one for 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment with the release of “Bones: The Final Chapter,” but that’s not all. The “Flesh & Bones Collection” is also here with all 12 seasons together for the first time ever!

In 2005, television audiences were introduced to a series that was intense and different. The story created by Hart Hanson brought the writings of Kathy Reichs to life. Reichs was a novelist and forensic anthropologist which provided a treasure trove of stories to be told.

Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) is a forensic anthropologist who is part of the Jeffersonian Institute in Washington D.C. FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) discovers that Brennan, who he nicknames Bones, has the skills he needs to help investigate unidentifiable remains. These two come together to seek out the answers through science and a little humor.

Discovering that actually need one another to solve crimes that doesn’t mean that Brennan doesn’t make her feelings about it all quite clear. When boss Dr. Daniel Goodman assigns her from season one, this leads to 12 seasons of the most fascinating stories on television.

The finale of season one was emotional when Booth looks into the disappearance of Temperance’s parents and a reuniting with her brother Russ but a strange message left by father Max is the cliffhanger. That is only season one as the intensity grows well into the final season.

Immediately the season takes off with a bang when Zack kidnaps Bones but it doesn’t last as Booth has come to understand his ways. Being blamed for a series of murders, Zack becomes a target and knows that Temperance and Booth are the only ones who can help.

Turning 40 for Temperance starts out with helping co-workers, Booth is surprised at what is happening with her but can’t linger on it. Their next case is the death of a man who helps autistic children. Perhaps that is what brings on Cam and Arastoo wanting to adopt but also Booth and Brennan thinking of expanding the family.

That gets put on hold when the priest who married them is discovered murdered, but was he? Booth investigates deeper and discovers there is a darker truth to it all. It becomes clear as he uncovers more that the family may be in danger. Max helps defend the family and the truth surfaces. Aubrey is also faced with a difficult decision regarding her own family member and it isn’t an easy one.

Zack’s case has been waiting for an appeal but Hodgins thinks there may be evidence to help his case. Getting help from Gordon Wyatt and Angela, they take it all step by step and believe they have enough to solve the case but it might not be enough.

Bringing the series to a close I’m sure wasn’t an easy one as each of the characters in “Bones” is distinctive and, after 12 years, have become part of our weekly viewing. In the next to the last episode, the six main characters are telling us a story from their perspective. I’m actually not going to get into detail because this is definitely an episode that begins to clear the decks but don’t think for a moment it isn’t intense!

David Boreanaz takes the helm in the final episode that is filled with emotion and twists that are everything the television audience has come to expect from the show. I will admit my jaw dropped a few times followed by “I didn’t see that coming”.

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The 525 minute 3-disc DVD of “Bones: The Final Chapter includes the episodes “The Hope in the Horror,” “The Brain in the Bot,” “The New Tricks in the Old Dogs,” “The Price for the Past, ” “The Tutor in the Tussle,” “The Flaw in the Saw,” “The Scare in the Score,” “The Grief and the Girl,” “The Steel in the Wheels,” “The Radioactive Panthers in the Party,” “The Day in the Life” and “The End in the End.” Also, the special feature of “Back to the Lab: A Bones Retrospective” and, of course, a gag reel.

The “Flesh & Bones Collection” of “Bones” is amazing with all 12 seasons together for the first time ever which includes over 6 hours of Bonus Features. Those features include Back to the Lab: A “Bones” Retrospective, “Bones” at Comic Con, “Bones”: Inspired by the life of Forensic Anthropologist and Author Kathy Reichs, A Visual Effects and Making of Featurettes, Audio Commentaries on Select Episodes, Gag Reels, Deleted Scenes and so much more!

Deschanel as Temperance took that character to places and emotions that were ever changing. Boreanaz as Booth was the yin to Temperance’s yang and I couldn’t even begin to imagine this series without these two actors. It’s always emotional when our favorite shows come to an end but, there is good news as well for “Bones” fans.

All 12 seasons means you can once again journey with your favorite characters and storylines because 20th Century Fox understands our need to keep our favorites close. Watching “Bones” from the very beginning gives us all a chance to pick up on nuances we may have missed and remember why “Bones” became such a hit series!

In the end – they gave us heart and humor and we can only give out heartfelt thank you for an amazing ride!



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