A Good Old Fashioned Cowboy

Jackie Ashenden, Caitlin Crews, Nicole Helm, and Maisey Yates


January 26th, 2021

A Good Old Fashioned Cowboy is the second in the Jasper Creek series written by Maisey YatesCaitlin CrewsJackie Ashenden and Nicole Helm. This is a compilation of authors who write about cowboy heroes and heroines. They focus on four best friends, similar to the authors views of each other.  To watch the virtual interview: https://crimespreemag.com/crimespree-tv-more-cowboy-authors/

Maisey noted, “We stumbled across these old-fashioned dating tips. We thought about on-line dating and were all glad we dodged that era.  We thought, what if we had these modern women who would have done online dating and then had that taken away from them?  Now they need to rely on antiquated dating tips to meet people.  It seemed like a really fun idea.  They are not allowed cell phones or the Internet.”  

The plot begins with these four friends deciding to return to their small hometown of Jasper Creek Oregon.  The best friends, Hope Marshall, Charity Golding, Prudence (Pru) Riley, and Katherine (Kit) Hall had made a pact, if at thirty they were not happy with their lives they would return home.  The catalyst for them returning was Hope being left at the altar.  While at Grandma June’s farmhouse they find a 1940s magazine that give ridiculous tips on how to catch a husband. They decide not to use any cell phones or technology plus make house rules with penalties. Beyond that they decide to stay and open up shops with their special interest. For Hope it is a candy shop, for Kit it is a romance novel shop, for Charity it is yarn, and for Pru a gardening supply shop. Needless to say, they come in contact with someone from their past where sparks fly between them.

Caitlin commented, “They wanted their parent’s approval, but when they returned it was on their own terms.  Hope felt she had to marry someone that was in the same social and financial background as her parents.  Kit’s father wanted her to have a “serious” bookstore of poems.  Charity felt she had to live her father’s dreams of being an ER doctor.  Prudence’s parents did not give her a piece of the ranch, but just gave it to her brothers.”

Regarding the format, Nicole and Jackie felt, “This one had an overlapping timeline.  In the last one we purposely didn’t have our characters interacting whereas in this one we purposely did it.  Also, in the previous book they were not all in the same house at the same time.”

Although a different format than the first, A Cowboy for All Seasons, this one is a very enjoyable read with great banter between the friends as well as between the heroes and heroines.  This is a highly recommended read.



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