A Princess By Christmas (Royal Wedding Book 3)

Julia London

HQN Publisher

October 13th, 2020

A Princess By Christmas, shows London’s diversity.  This story is more of a mystery intermingled with romance. Hollis Honeycutt has lived a life of mourning for three years.  She has turned her dear deceased husband’s newspaper into the sauciest source of fashion and gossip. But still feels lost after her sister became the princess of another country, and her best friend moved to the countryside. 

Hollis gets a reprieve on loneliness after her sister and best friend have returned to London as part of a delegation that will be working on peace talks between fictional countries Alucia and Wesloria. But danger lurks because there are rumors of a coup that will kill the Weslorian king.  Because of her newspaper, Hollis hears of these rumors and decides to work with Marek Brendan who is part of the Weslorian trade council. Sparks fly between Marek and Hollis and they grow closer.  He even confides in her his devasting secret and the fact that he is hard of hearing. 

“I would describe Hollis as a fixture in the first two books.  As a widow, she is trying to make her own way.  In this book she comes into her own. She had lost her mother, husband, and figuratively her sister and best friend who moved. Now, she is trying to figure out her place in the world. She can be stubborn, lonely, uncertain, and wants to be in love again. The hero, Marek is taciturn, a loner, a survivor.  He is also kind and lonely with poor social skills.”  

As with all her books, London has great banter between the characters. It will make readers laugh.  Also, when the three women get together the dialogue is very compelling and fun. 

Whether a romance mystery or a romantic comedy, London is able to write entertaining plots and captivating characters.



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